1993 Range/Scale Questions

I’ve got someone who would be willing to part with some original big hats, but I’m curious about some things regarding the 1993 range.

Chaos Dwarf Warriors:
How many different poses/variants of metal warrior were made?
Were the metal warrior’s shields also metal or plastic?


Death Rocket
Did the rocket cart ever get a base size? If, not what would you guys recommend?
Are the plastic wheels on the cart specific to it or are they just general multi-use wheels?


And finally, how do big hat chorfs scale/look next to Forge World ones?

Thanks for the answers in advance, and may Hashut bless all our hats.


There were 8 different sculpts in total. Our old forum is still online, and on the wiki you’ll find all the various models

Basic GW plastic shields with decals. These days you can find STLs for excellent sculpted shields.

No recommended base size (war machines don’t need one), but I have mine on a 60cm round. It works fine but almost a little big, a 50cm would also work very well I guess.

General standard GW multi-use wheels.

Fairly the same size. There’s a dedicated thread for size comparisons.


And a bit surprised I didn’t find these sooner :tongue: