25mm Bases: The Big Poll

As things stand currently, are you rebasing or going to rebase or newly base any Chaos Dwarfs for The Old World?

Pick the option which best describes your position. Feel free to elaborate in the comments.

  • Yes, I’m actively rebasing
  • Yes, I’m planning to rebase
  • Yes, I’m building a new army on 25s
  • No, I’m open to it but not as things stand
  • No, why would I rebase when I could just use a converter with 20s?
  • No, I’m not doing all this 25mm nonsense, if TOW’s good I’ll play it with 20s
  • No, I’ve got no plans to touch TOW with a Chaos Dwarfs army

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Just going to drop this here.

Edit: Or @Reaver’s DIY suggestion here.

Edit: Or @cornixt’s spacers here.


I’ve seen a lot of people rebasing already, even though the rules aren’t even out yet. No one even knows the actual new base sizes of any particular unit, all we have is the knowledge that 25mm is the minimum. I wonder if any currently as 20mm will be boosted to even larger bases. We don’t even know the new cavalry size, which affects all armies.

I want to keep everything open to play the older editions as accurately as I can. Not that it would be all that different if you were playing two purely 20mm armies against each other anyway - so elves/dwarfs/humans/goblins/skaven/undead. Now that I think of it, not many models were on 25mm bases to begin with - Orcs of all types, most Chaos infantry, Saurus, dryads, I’m sure there is at least one other I’ve forgotten.


I’m Brian for now and i shall tell you for why.

First they came for the 20mm infantry bases, and I did not speak up, because to be honest some 8th edition infantry do cause headaches.

Then they came for the 25mm infantry bases, and I did not speak up, because I don’t really use a ton of Orcs.

Then they came for the 25x50mm cavalry bases, and fuck that, I’ve got 120 wolfboyz.


Recommend people read this at least up until they get to the muh OC thread I linked in there rerouting people elsewhere.

Why do I care, I’m team Brian 100 or 900 %

walks 22.5mm wide plank


I’ll just use base/movement tray converters. If I rebase, then it means I can’t use my minis for other editions, and I’d rather have to deal with having two different movement tray types and have that utility than not have the option of playing a different edition (or other systems that use the smaller base size for that matter).


I’m surprised at the numbers saying they’ll start a new army project for it. I expected that to be more popular. It’s a great excuse; but even for some of my unbuilt regiments I still think 20s and dividers is safer. I can go backwards to old editions with 20s but once it’s fully on a 25 i can’t truly use a mini without distorting a classic game at least a little.


I’m surprised there are even people thinking about rebasing, even more actively doing so. ^^

The questions I see in my future:

  • How long do I want to try the game with 20 vs. 20 mm armies before bothering getting adjusted movement trays;
  • will the group start using the recommended TOW bases;
  • will it stick to TOW at all or just continue with/go back to WAP and WCE; and
  • Is the game even worth all the contemplation happening here?
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A similar thing could be discussed with regards to AoS; do you rebase or use base converters?

For myself, if I was to ever do an army that had dual use for both systems, I’d base for WHFB and just use base converters to be able to play AoS - once stuff’s on the larger round base for AoS, it’d be too much of a headache to use for WHFB, so the army would be consigned to AoS.

One thing that’s probably worth keeping in mind for those contemplating rebasing for tOW - while we don’t know if it will use templates or how they’ll work if it does, we do know how templates work in older editions and base size has a big impact when it comes to these, so basing for the smaller size* will work better in the long run.

*speaking of, there is a case where rebasing for tOW might be ideal; currently we don’t know any base sizes other than 20s are being bumped up to 25s, so hypothetically it’s possible, albeit extremely unlikely, that some things might end up on smaller bases than they were on in WHFB, in which case it’ll be preferable to base for tOW and use an adapter for WHFB. There is precedent for base size shrinkage; iirc 6th Ed Ungors we’re on 25s, while in 7th and 8th they went down to 20s.


Imagine spending countless hours rebasing, only to discover TOW is a damp squib? Or that you preferred an earlier edition?

Even if I wanted to, I’m spinning too many hobby plates to consider it. I’ve far more exciting things to make than redo bases I’ve worked hard to create. It sounds like a punishment!


Lol, no sooner do I express my surprise at it languishing… now “new army” is in second place. I wonder if the reason it was overnight is Americans?

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Are you saying that just because of the stereotype of Americans wanting to make everything bigger?



Don’t we also already know that 25 will move to 30 and cav to 30x60? Would make sense.

And if that is indeed the case, I’ll firmly sit in the „I won’t do anything“ camp. Since I am very certain we won’t see templates in TOW, base sizes basically only matter in relation to your opponent. So if both players don’t change anything, base size shouldn’t matter. I’m sure there is a very specific situation where one model more/less can attack in 20/25 vs 25/30, but for the most part it won’t matter. Nothing changes with the common unit sizes (ranks of 5-7 models).

As long as I keep exclusively playing my regular gaming buddy, neither of us will change anything. If I were to play someone else, Ingrid’s I would make spacers.

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We have no idea what the new sizes are; fairly sure 30mm is purely fan speculation. The article on the new base sizes just says:

“So now, all 20mm bases have been replaced with 25mm bases. Most (but not all) 25mm and 25×50 bases have been replaced with new-sized bases.”

So not only do we not know what the new size is, we don’t even know what models are going to use the new sizes; eg even if the new cav size is 30x60, Wolf Riders might be staying on 25x50.


Would 32 not make more sense than 30? Then aos and old world have real cross compatibility


IDK, still round vs square. :man_shrugging:
Historically there was neither a 30 nor 32, so it’s anyone’s guess right now. Let’s just hope they don’t go to 40 :slight_smile:

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Not being sarcastic here and I’m still team Brian. New army is perhaps something I could understand.

Plenty of folk have enough points worth of an army for any other game system, and also the spare grey models to dedicate to a new project, maybe an excuse to explore a different scheme.


@Reaver you described me


I’ve memed your face enough. I ought to be able to describe you.

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I might do a full bighat army on 25s… make em look silly