28mm Brazen Bastards, A Community Sculpting Initiative [Antenor Strikes Back: Nov 23 2023]

Unzi Al-Ashrar, "The Wicked"
Work in Progress, image heavy!

Humble beginnings of my first full chaos dwarf sculpt. The dolly is a very useful scale tool and I really enjoyed working to the @Loidrial concept art for my first go.

Curse Eddy for having so many open hands on one miniature though. Thankful for the blissfully clean air of northern Maine that provided a calming atmosphere.

The armature for the Djinn was a similar challenge to my Brother’s Djinn conversion. I tried to double it back on itself and pin through clever places to give the correct gap look. Iterated through subtractive and additive a few times on the Djinn facial structure, didn’t come out a great rendition but it’s a mimicry attempt at least.

Toothless Djinn and no face sorcerer head. I sculpted the head while it was barely secured to the torso to help with fit. I did some touch up later to the joint after removal.

Djinn musculature and first pass at real facial features.

Beardination complete. This will be a tough one to maintain consistency and compatibility of interchangeable heads but I found creating a small tab and letting it cure to be very advantageous. I used my roll maker tutorial for beards. Spit and nose grease helped to sculpt the shroud behind the hat without it sticking to the main body.

Almost forgot this…