28mm Brazen Bastards, A Community Sculpting Initiative [Blubberborne: June 1 2022]

Interchangeable heads and arms on different bodies seems a great idea. So many possibilities…

That chaos champion was my favourite on the old combat card game

Great work again

Ill have to print a few cd dollies when i get the time and balls to try out new printer.

Keep going…


This is the most amazing project, you crazy, magnificent bastards.


Holy Hashut! This is an amazing idea.


Secluded with poor internet, bad skiing weather, and nothing but my sculpting tools… this weekend has been bastardly. Looking forward to sharing a few more arsinine ideas soon.


Great work @Reaver ! Exquisite.

And now those are two concepts I would love to see turned into miniatures, @Anzu ! Good idea. Maybe I should try something in a similar vein when I get started on the parts @MichaelX kindly sent me.


Porco Dio! Name TBD
Work in progress, image heavy!

In contrast, started right off with the head. Porco Dio was an obvious must have for the Bastards from day 1.

Started work on some of his meat themed weapons. Didn’t quite go for full on sausage link nunchucks. Some slight Barry the Chopper inspiration interjected.

A couple of teases here for a still not done bastard alongside the front and back of the preliminary porco-fork from the rumor engine

Decided a non pig head was a good idea for those that don’t worship the Italian Pantheon.

Reworked the porco-fork for heroic sizing, added pig tail to the back of the helm. Basically done!


Porco Dio! Name TBD

Final images of meme made manifest. Perhaps other swear pantheon gods will arrive?

Not sure what to do with the loose nunchucks… but oh well, included for completeness. Piggy polearm was too good to Brian.


They look fantastic!
Both would fit into my army, one as a mutant cd akin to four a miniatures hog cd. The other just looks nice and chaos-y. Great job!
That should be cast in metal tbh

What sort of scale are you building all these to? My cds are around the 2cm mark


The gridlines in the final pictures of each are in 1/2" increments. (Don’t have a metric cutting mat to my dismay)

In general we are looking to have them rank nicely on 20mm bases, although in theory once scanned minor scale issues could be erased by the user. Or someone could print at a scale comparable to their own army. A nice feature of this process in my opinion.

I’d be open to getting these in metal after scanning, although I may have made some poor choices that would hurt their chances of coming out clean in metal. Not sure.


Stunning work! I`m simply thrilled! :smiley:


Unreal, you’re sculpting is insane, professional quality :cd1990:


this one in particular, as i told you already, reminds me a lot of the monsters from darkest dungeon
so much Porco Dio, i can finally say it.
This will be maybe a bit difficult to add it on our instagram page xD maybe i’ll just put the reference

Bravo Reaver! Porco Dio you are fucking Bravo


Fantastic, they are getting better and better @Reaver . That hog looks so cool and I love the horseshoe crab shields(?) – gives me Morrowind vibes.


Thanks all! hopefully finishing one more in the coming weeks.

Good guess! I’ve got the arms laid out for that future bastard. but not much more… Hadn’t thought of the Morrowind vibe, really not sure why I’ve taken to sculpting horseshoe crabs so much.


This might not be my favourite thread ever…it might just be my favourite anything ever.

I had high expectations but everyone has immediately exceeded them. Hearty applause all round!


A few exotic shields might be a good addition. Demon faces. Bull or walrus face shields etc

Could be used with any of your sculpted warriors then

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I made a walhut coin/shield base thst is in the brazen project folder!

It can easily be turned into a shield, or used to make a bluestuff mold to make more stuff.

Brazen Bastards Project folder


Thanks for the uploads. No 3d printing software here, so I just opened the dolly mesh in FreeCAD to check the dimensions – that fellow looks more like a ogre to me, around 45mm from feet to neck. Are the units actually mm or do I have to divide by some value? Scale creep? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, they need to be printed @ 45%


Onion Knight Name TBD
WIP, not as image heavy… Definitely not turnip or rutabaga

I wasn’t as diligent with WIPs but I had this flagged as a bastard idea after I created a mini onion knight familiar. Inspired by one of the most pensive, narcoleptic, goofy, oozing chorfiness Dark Souls characters out there.

My first try using a Green Stuff World chainmail press plate.

Looking forward to seeing if people do this oinkion knight kitbash. Kebab knight? Oinkion Dio?