28mm Brazen Bastards, A Community Sculpting Initiative [Lore - Wizard of Oss: Feb 21 2023]

Great initiative. I would also like to participate if someone could send me dollies. There are a few one-off ideas I wanted to do for a long time such as Admiral’s Mesoamerican take on chaos dwarfs or a remake of Antenor’s ill-fated Minoan stunty. Not sure though if such exotic renditions are a bit of a stretch?

Aside from that, I would use these dollies as reference and try to keep future sculpts for my own army project compatible if possible.


Nothing is really too much of a stretch… The idea is that this unit is made out of misfits. Anything goes. The practical reason is to account for differences in sculpting and preferences but it also works very well fluff wise!


Oof, this is awesome! Both the whole idea as well as Unzi. Stunning.


Completely agree with @MichaelX . I’m sure other Chaos Dwarfs 'round the world will appear in the Bastards at some point. Far East Hashoot owl clan anyone? @Admiral 's art alone I’m sure provides ample inspiration for numerous other concepts.

Excited to have more folks on board. @denelian5 , @Anzu with some patience we’ll get things sorted out. For anyone that doesn’t have access to a printer (or a local mate with a printer) ideally we’d find someone on the forum with availability nearbyish to you to minimize shipping costs.


Figured this is a great time to make a list of members who are willing to land printer resources to other members…

Darklands printing service! (Community members with printers)


This is a wonderful idea. It breathes the spirit of CDO. Kudos to the initiators for tackling the organisation of this grand project! :beer:

I would love to contribute. I’m not sure what exactly I would make, as there are always plenty of ideas struggling to emerge from the depths of madness onto the sculpting table. You know me and my hobbying tempo, so you also know there’s a decent chance that I won’t make it for the first production cycle, but who knows? Miracles happen. Worst case scenario, my contribution joins the fray later on. :hatoff:

@Reaver I am in awe. A wonderful rendition of @Loidrial 's artwork! I especially admire the natural feel of the cloth - it looks perfect.

@Anzu I’d love to see your skill applied to Aegaean-Bronzey stunties!


Im in, this is a great initiative! :smiley:


I see this is really going to take off. Great!!
Id love to see stunty versions of things like this


And other classic chaos champions, or new interpretations of classics. Half chaos dwarf half flamer? I thought xanders conversions were crying out for a stunty version.

Wish i had skills…haha

Chicks dig guys with skills…

Napoleon dynamite


Great point Zodd! The primary pantheon of Chaos Dwarf gods have been mentioned (Hashut, Walhut, Hashoot)

but we could certainly consider classic reinterpretations of those other inconsequential Chaos gods. The measly 4, if you will. @Loidrial has already dibble dabbled in some hedonistic art.


5? Malal? Haha i think they prey on the other gods a bit?


so let me start from the begin of this thread, this thing surely flourished during the last 24h!

  1. Submit Offerings - Mail to Oxy’s shed(s), making sure to use plenty of packing material for Eddy’s mattress.
    I second this, that shed is a mess, cant do it all alone, need some help from the forum as well

on @Reaver take on my old djinn sorcerer entry, guys, you have no idea how fucking excited i was when he shown me his WIP! he was half way through the model when i saw it the 1st time, and my jaw dropped like in those classic cartoons! i’m still so damn excited today!!

My head is always spinning with fun stupid jokes (like my quick mesopotamian Hashoot sketch) alterned by not being english motherlanguage, so mistakes like WAR-Lus are on a daily base with me hauhuahuauha

i’ll throw in the cauldron many more dumb ideas, some will land at some point.
It’s a pleasure to brainstorm with you all guys, cant wait for the future to happen sooner!


Oss Crook-Finger
Work in progress, image heavy!

Since you all freakin rock. And to prevent @Zoddtheimmortal from blowing the lid off his pastel purple teapot. Let the bastardly updates continue.

As he’s already mentioned here. Chaos but shorter is on the menu. Here is the source material, Chaos Bone Champion.

Zodd unknowingly prompted this sculpt after the bastards project was already well underway. Having recently gone back to the land of the undead, this was a very fun sculpt to pick up.

Went away from the dollie on this one but made every attempt to size accordingly.

Head was done in 3 stages. Basic shape, main helm details, hornamentation

“Pull my finger” - @Loidrial , definitely

Everyone needs a chaotic pouch, perhaps containing two gross beans or some other baubles. The most difficult part of this one was tuning the sword length and arm angles to get the pose close to the original.


Oss Crook-Finger

Final images, particularly happy with the bone pauldrons bringing the sculpt together. Hopefully this second sculpt solidifies that ALL STYLES are on the table.

Touched up the sword hilt and cloth near the neck. Even if it might need digital resizing on other sculpts I think this helm will be useful on other bodies. More to come on that soon.


Interchangeable heads and arms on different bodies seems a great idea. So many possibilities…

That chaos champion was my favourite on the old combat card game

Great work again

Ill have to print a few cd dollies when i get the time and balls to try out new printer.

Keep going…


This is the most amazing project, you crazy, magnificent bastards.


Holy Hashut! This is an amazing idea.


Secluded with poor internet, bad skiing weather, and nothing but my sculpting tools… this weekend has been bastardly. Looking forward to sharing a few more arsinine ideas soon.


Great work @Reaver ! Exquisite.

And now those are two concepts I would love to see turned into miniatures, @Anzu ! Good idea. Maybe I should try something in a similar vein when I get started on the parts @MichaelX kindly sent me.


Porco Dio!
Work in progress, image heavy!

In contrast, started right off with the head. Porco Dio was an obvious must have for the Bastards from day 1.

Started work on some of his meat themed weapons. Didn’t quite go for full on sausage link nunchucks. Some slight Barry the Chopper inspiration interjected.

A couple of teases here for a still not done bastard alongside the front and back of the preliminary porco-fork from the rumor engine

Decided a non pig head was a good idea for those that don’t worship the Italian Pantheon.

Reworked the porco-fork for heroic sizing, added pig tail to the back of the helm. Basically done!


Porco Dio!

Final images of meme made manifest. Perhaps other swear pantheon gods will arrive?

Not sure what to do with the loose nunchucks… but oh well, included for completeness. Piggy polearm was too good to Brian.