6mm Squat Proxies

Hi all,
I finally actually bothered to register, having lurked around the boards for an embarrassingly long period of time. Planning to actually get around to attacking the CD pile of shame soon, pictures to follow.

At the top of my current to-do list, though, is finishing off my growing NetEpic squat force. I don’t know if there’s any interest in that sort of thing around here, but in terms of an impressive set of proxies being available for a long-neglected GW faction, Onslaught Miniatures have an absolutely gorgeous set of 6mm proxies available for squats, which I’m currently failing to do justice with my very, very rusty painting skills.

Just picked up a few of these Overlord Airship proxies, which are absolutely brilliant, far nicer than the originalodels ever were. (Additional apologies as my photography skills are even sloppier than my painting)


OK so progress on this project is slow, but it is progressing. Very much looking forward to no longer squinting to paint 6mm and starting on some “full size” models in the near future, I really hadn’t considered the logistics of painting at this scale.


Wonderful machines! Nice paintjobs.

Slow progress as always. I have the latest batch of models assembled and primed:
2 x Thunderfire cannons
3 x Ironhammer main battle tanks
3 x Termites
5 x Tarantulas
14 x guild trikes
28 x guild bikers

Threw out a quick test scheme for the termites:

Still seriously wondering why I decided to get back to this painting thing with 6mm scale, it feels like a penance. But I’m committed now so I intend to just power through. Once I’ve painted the above, plus 3 praetorians I haven’t yet bought, and perhaps another half dozen gyrocopters and some goliath megacannons, I can reward myself with the Lost Kingdoms lamassu I just ordered. It’s going to seem so gigantic after all this tiny work!


Agree on the scale, I find anything smaller than 15mm to be a pain to paint… :sweat_smile:
Your stuff looks great thou, keep it up!

Thanks! I forgot to add all the infantry I still have to paint onto the list though, that’s the part that’s really giving me a headache. It might be time for me to invest in some sort of giant magnifying device! With those I’m struggling to just splash 2 colours on the right spots.

Got one of the thunderfires done; I had a real noob mistake, based it before everything was fully dry and managed to stick flock to the actual miniature like an idiot. Lesson learned, I suppose.


Looks excellent, I remember my brief attempt at painting Epic. Never again. All respect to you.

To be honest I’m cherry-picking the easy stuff at the moment; that thing is pretty huge in epic terms. That’s a 50mm round base it’s sitting on. As I say, I haven’t even started on the infantry yet. I’m genuinely not sure how to even start!

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As I remember it you need a magnifying glass, another magnifying glass, ANOTHER magnifying glass and a paintbrush with only 1 bristle on it! :tired_face:


OK, almost no progress here recently. I got massively sidetracked making terrain though, so I haven’t been doing nothing.


Incidentally, if anyone has a recommendation for a decent source of trees that would work in 6mm scale, please let me know. These ones I ordered are pretty awful.