6th edition Chaos Dwarves - Use doctrine of each warmachine

The earthshaker is everyone’s favorite due to its versatility and its cultural symbol: is there a reason not to take one ? what’s your best target for it ? Do you aim at the centre of units or sometimes between them ?

The bolt throwers are very cheap but potentially lethal once in a while, the deathrocket is more expensive and more powerful, if it hits. Which of these do you favour in which situation ?

At my table, chaos dwarf can use the chorf-manned hellcannon. It’s a skull catapult that is more reliable and a lot tougher but I find it pretty expensive in comparison. What’s your opinion on it ? Should it aim between units against low Ld armies ?


Hello Hurin,

I’m an earthshacker lover and I run a single cannon on a 2000 pts list, I use to fire at fast units or where it could slow the higher number of units. It’s all up to dices but always praying for a 12! If I get 10 or 12 inches I usually slow down 3 units or 4 if there’s something behind.
Regarding bolt throwers, I find them pretty usefull against 2 ranked cavalry formations, ogres and 3/4 ranked heavy infantry units.
I use a single death rocket and it’s just and average catapult, aiming at everything that must be stopped quickly. I use it just because I have the model and I don’t have any money to spend on new units.



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I don’t think I’d ever play a 2k point game without an earthshaker, it’s movement hindering is simply too powerful. I don’t like to bring two though because going without Bull Centaurs also feels wrong :laughing:

I always target a specific enemy unit though. My logic is if I hit I’ll get kills and I’ve chosen who will be effected by the movement reduction, if I scatter probably no kills and where movement reduction occurs is no longer in my control. If I target outside empty space and I hit I get only the movement reduction.

I love Death Rockets conceptually as well as the fun of misfiring them, so I take them almost exclusively. They are essentially a stone thrower with one less crew member, but one thing that’s overlooked I think is that it only truly misfires if it rolls a “HIT” on the scatter die. That’s essentially a 2/3’rds reduction in misfires, which is really nice. And for that you pay 5 less points than a Dwarven Stone Thrower!

Also, while reviewing the books for this I noticed that Death Rockets have a crew of 3 listed in Ravening Hordes. Do you happen to know if that was ever updated? I have the hobgoblin crew being errata’d down to 2 crew members but nothing about the Death Rocket.

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I saw that in your errata compilation but I’ve not seen it in the Q&A for bolt throwers.

Good point, I had seen the misfire table was more funny but missed it was also of lesser consequence. Skavens misfires are usually funny and lethal.

No bolt throwers for you if I understood correctly ?

I’ll have to check in my WD collection, which implies translating the number to French numeration, so not tonight, I’m getting lazy past midnight.

Would any of you have an opinion on the Hellcannon ?

I think the best use cases for bolt throwers are against troops with large bases or targeting monsters. Large bases means less potential hits from a template weapon, while hitting an individual monster with a guess range weapon can be quite difficult. Outside of that I think the Death Rocket is the better choice if you want war machines in your special slots.

Also, looking at the core rules I see that bolt throwers state, “Some bolt throwers have a crew of two,” while there is no such caveat for Stone Throwers, which Death Rockets count as. This would lead me to believe that Death Rockets have a crew of 3 in 6th edition.

Typically Army Book overrides main rulebook, so the fact the army list in RH only lists two crew means that that takes precedence.

RH lists 3 crew for Death Rocket and Bolt Thrower, and Bolt Thrower was errata’d down to 2.

EDIT: Oh nevermind! I just checked out my digital copy and it has 2 crew for both Death Rocket and Bolt Thrower. My physical copy must be an older printing?

Possibly; my digital copy only has two crew for both too.

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I have two listed for for Death Rocket and Bolt Thrower in my digital copy and both of my physical copies, in French (edited later than the first English version). It is cohesive with 4th edition, it’s in 8th it increased to 3 crew members.

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Interesting. I can’t find any indication of a version or edition number in the book, but I guess mine must be “First Edition” haha. Sorry to derail the thread!