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Has anyone converted the Hellcannon crew into warriors/footsoldiers. If so can you post some pictures on the thread, also any ideas or advice is welcome!


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: I am not aware of any as this is a somewhat uncommon conversion route given the current price of the miniatures involved and the fact they are made out of metal. In the past, people (most notably Xander) have been using the Battle for Skull Pass dwarfs for regular Hellcannon crew-style warriors. Even though a considerable amount of green stuff is involved here, it is a surprisingly quick and easy conversion.

Thank you, yes I thought it would be very uncommon… but I like the crew members a lot. Less armoured without the typical big hats, I prefer big hats for leaders or higher ranking status etc.

I’ve already brought a few, and I’m going to give it ago. They will probably look more like slavers compared to the full armored warrior type with there tools and bare arms etc. Will be a hard project to start with… wish me luck!


You might find this interesting.

These are the battle for skull pass dwarfs converted using hellcannon crew bits and including some of the crew with minor modifications. Conversions done 98% by @Xander

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That’s cool, is there any info on how he achieved this?

Thanks to @MichaelX our archive has the answers!

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Awesome, thank you for these tutorial links, I’ll have a watch soon!