An AoS "allies" question

Hello fellow tyrants, despots and slavers!

I have a question about Age of Sigmar, a game I only dabbled in very briefly (as in, during first edition when you could still use your square bases) and allies.

While in the process of rebuilding all my armies and this for various game systems, I am about to start tackling a Legion force for AoS as well in the not so near future.

Now, with the most recent “season” of WarCry, I of course bought the Horns of Hashut (because, well, Hashut) and found an official warscroll to include them in AoS as well on the GW site, making them a small 100 point unit for Chaos forces.

Now is my question, how does that ally system work these days? Is it still like in 1st that if your Grand Alliance was the same, or are they only for Slaves of Darkness armies as the scroll has that keyword as well? Or do our beloved Dawi Zharr and the Slaves (which we can take as allies according to the FW pdf) interchangeable?

This might sound like a rather silly question, but I haven`t gotten the current edition rules for AoS as a result of my few years of forced “not be able to play games hiatus” (covid and babies do that sort of thing to social life), waiting to buy that rulebook until I actually get round gaming in the club again.

So the rules for allies is that they can’t benefit from your alligence ability and at 2k games they are 400 points maximum and 1 in 4 units for your army

Aha, thanks. That seems pretty straightforward, just tossing a single 100 point “Slaves to darkness” unit as such won`t make a big shakeup then.

Ally rules will be in whatever the current General’s Handbook is, so it will now be the GHB 2023.

Though I suspect @bigbobo is correct

@bigbobo is correct. In 1k point games you can have 0-200 points of allies and in 2k point games you can have 0-400 points of allies. Legions of Azgorh can ally with any of the 4 god factions aswell as slaves to darkness.
Be aware however that in pitched battle games allied heroes count towards the max heroes you can have but allied battleline don’t count towards the number of battleline you have. For anymore questions about AoS I would advise checking (You may need to turn legends rules on in settings to see Legions of Azgorh stuff)


We also have 2 custom battle times in the discourse as well