An Introduction and Some Questions!

Hello all,

I am an aspirising Chaos Dwarf army builder and I stumbled across this place whilst doing some research; it’s really cool to find somewhere alive and kicking with such an old internet feeling forum vibe! I like it already.

A bit of background about what my approach is: I have been in and out of 40k for quite some time but I have always felt the allure of Fantasy. With the Old World now announced and the lovely Total War Games I am making my move into this setting with the faction that has always excited me most - chaos dwarfs!!

I am a very slow hobbyist because I put way too much time into sculpting and converting my minis to fit perfeclty to what I want, so hopefully I will be able to bring something of at least a little value to this place. I do have some questions though before I start buying and cutting - any input at all would be appreciated!

  1. OOP Forge World Chaos Dwarfs - where can I get them? The infernal guard minis in particular I will be wanting a lot of, and whilst I do prefer quality to cheapness, £130+ for 10 new Infernal Guard on ebay is STEEP. I am interested in anyone selling their old stuff. Again though, quality > price for me so if it’s recast it has to be good! I am a bit of GW purist when it comes to my own hobbying, so I don’t have any interest in 3rd party stuff (some amazing stuff is out there for this faction though).

  2. Army Roster - what are the ‘core’ units that you see as essential to the force? Both for the Dawi themselves and Hobgoblins! I am perhaps foolishly hoping to preempt the return of the Old World and have a mostly legal army by the time that launches, so I want to know where I my efforts should be focused first.

  3. An easy one - how tall should Hobgoblins be in your opinions? When compared to the Dwarfs, I mean.

Thanks for reading all and look forward to any responses! Might well be back with more questions in the near future [:


Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

  1. Regarding finding cheap Chaos Dwarfs, luck and patience are your best friends. Im afraid prices are what they are… CDO trades, FB groups and smaller sites would be my guess.
  2. Depends on your flavor, I prefer them with alot of slaves etc. But 2+ CD units and 1+ Centaurs, filled up with characters and green skins.
  3. Id say about human-size, with a hunchback. But then again there’s alot of personal preferences, so have a look around.

Here is a collection of links for alternative CD-related models.

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Welcome to cdo!

You could start out your force with converted chaos warriors and dwarves (all gw) then collect a unit or 2 of forgeworld. Try asking @chitzkoi incase he knows where you can get some.

Look forward to your blog!



Hey man, I deleted the recasts bit as we don’t condone recasts in any form or shape!

The rest is fine though!

And welcome!