Another year another army

Every year I build a different army and document it on YouTube. This past year was the turn of the Beastmen. Previous iterations have seen me start my Chaos Dwarf army and multiple Chaos Warrior armies. This year could be different though… So help a brother out and let me know which army I should build this year! Note: I have all the models for said armies stored and ready to build/paint/document so there is no other consideration other than which army you fancy seeing me turn my hand to.

  • Slaanesh Demons
  • Space Wolves
  • Space Orks
  • Chaos Thugs
  • Chaos Renegades

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If you like the sound of a guy building multiple Chaos armies over the course of half a decade check out my omnibus playlist here: Let’s Watch - YouTube


Chaos thugs and rengades are pretty much the same atmy? So much crossover

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Well, I’m thinking classic Citadel Chaos Thugs/Marauders for WFB and Chaos Renegades for 40k, but yes plenty of cross pollination is possible with that oldschool jazz.

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I change my vote for thugs then!

If you have some of those combat cards ones , it would be nice to see your versions

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