Antenor's Evil Dwarves [2022-10-16 - Taurus]

Nice paint job and congratulations – these look like very successful copies. Both colour schemes work pretty well in my opinion. Are they inspired by historical uniforms? The right one looks vaguely Bavarian but then again, I have basically no knowledge of Napoleonic uniforms.

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Truly lovely. I always knew Napoleon was short, but now…


Bravo man! And good pictures too! XD
Walhpoleon watches you

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Thanks a lot, everyone! :hatoff:

Well spotted, @Anzu ! The pikeman’s colour palette is indeed inspired partly by the Bavarian Garde du Corps (whose uniform also featured the same basic helmet design), and partly by the Mexican Tulancingo Cuirassiers. The other guy’s combination of red coat and green facings was worn by the British 24th Foot.


Well… then I got it completely wrong as I thought that the right one is Bavarian. :smiley:

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Bull Hussar (GH XXXIX entry)

First off, many thanks once more for the kind votes that won this fellow the Bronze Hat!

By now, most of you will know that I enjoy a mix of 19th century aesthetics and classic fantasy elements. I’ve always had a predilection for hussar uniforms in particular. The simple basic idea of swapping the regular pelisse for a scale jacket slung over one shoulder had been simmering in my head for some time, but so far I had never attempted to sculpt scale mail for fear of making a terrible mess of it - to say nothing of scale mail falling in folds! The GH announcement was the push I needed to try and make it happen at last. The impending deadline helped me not to obsess over imperfections but to aim at a satisfying general impression. The result is very far from perfect, but I’m happy with it. Shout out to @denelian5 for his tutorial, which was a great help!

On to some WIP pictures. It all started with a Mantic Halfbreed torso and an old Chaos Warrior head. That turned out to be a waste of a perfectly good bit, I’m afraid, as nothing of the face remained visible in the end. :smile:

The original halfbreed’s back armour didn’t fit the aesthetics I was going for, so I decided to use the fur-trimmed scale mail of the pelisse on the bull back as well. Also, he naturally needed a sabretache. :smile: The arms and hands are from GW dwarf kits.

Some more work on the face and dolman…

…more work on the face, kalpak (the skull is a bit from a Khemri chariot, as is the sabre blade), saddlecloth, and finally, the pelisse! I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the folds looked.

And here’s the finished conversion:

The colour scheme was hard to choose, as there is no shortage of beautiful examples in the history of hussar uniforms. Eventually, I took my cues from the same source that had already provided the inspiration for the kalpak’s design, namely Sweden’s “Yellow Hussars”:

And this is the final result!

It was great fun to convert and paint this fellow, and I am very happy with how he turned out - I think he is my favourite conversion so far. :anvil:


I love all of it, from bits used, through the converting process to choice of colours and execution! :cd1990gif:

Congrats on the bronze hat, man!

I’m glad that my guide was of some use to you. ^^


Great conversion! Really love that guy, he fits great with your other models. The model was my favorite and of course got my vote. :beer:

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I absolutely loved this guy. Fantastic mini and such skills. He was my top choice.


The most original of the entire lot! Always huge fan of your work!
It’s so damn cool!!

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I immediately noted the jacket in Hussars’s style. Love it :cd1990gif:


Consider this a formal and only somewhat friendly threat to bring one of these lovely sculpts into the Brazen Bastards. Your modularity is so clean!


Thank you very much for the kind and encouraging words, everyone!

@Reaver Haha, received and processed! Indeed, I have declared that I will contribute to the Brazen Bastards project, and so it shall be. Not these exact models, though, but a dedicated Brazen Bastards sculpt, or (as I hope) more, all in the fullness of time - I have something special in mind. For the time being, alas, I’ve got my table full of ongoing projects, both hobby-related and otherwise. But then again, what can time as perceived by humans signify to a dwarven mind? :smile:


At long last, I’ve finished painting my Bull Centaurs!

(Couldn’t resist a couple of Zhanta beards :smile:)

And for the sake of completeness, here’s the whole merry band:

These seven on a magnetic movement tray make up my Abyssal Halfbreed Regiment for KoW. They’ve already performed exceedingly well on the gaming table in their unpainted state - let’s hope they continue to do so now!


Im glad im still alive to see it!
They look wonderful, v nice!


I love how they look chunky and cool at the same time!

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what a marvelous bunch!!!

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Lord on Taurus

I finally got around to painting this beautiful sculpt by Scibor (it actually comes with an awesome scenic base included, but I magnetised it onto a 75x75 for KoW purposes). This was my first experiment with the zenithal technique, and I am very happy with the result, particularly the red skin (black primer, zenithal drybrush with Grey Seer, then Flesh Tearers Red) - it went exceedingly fast and looks better than anything I could have achieved with layering. The rider’s armour is a red drybrush over black - it’s easy, gives a classic Chaos Armour vibe (at least to me), and doesn’t make him pop too much, as I actually wanted the Taurus to be the focus of the viewer’s attention. The sculpt itself is more on the modern, grim side of fantasy, but I tried to establish a connection to 90s Chaos-Dwarvery by sticking to the colour scheme of the classic Taurus artwork: red skin, yellow eyes, shiny black horns and hooves.

I also got some minor stuff done, some of it going back to my earliest CD converting days, all of it very quick and dirty: a multi-rocket launcher converted from a broken Organ Gun that I got at a local hobby store, two mutated mastiffs for KoW, an impromptu rocket launching station (as unit filler for my blunderbusses) and some light refreshments for my warriors (likewise unit fillers).

This means that all of my miniatures belonging to Azrubal’s Host are now painted - no more playing with primed minis! Of course, the horde can and quite probably will continue to grow, but it’s a considerable milestone for me.

Thanks for taking a look!



Lovely Taurus scheme (thanks for sharing the process!) The pile of skulls on the base is very fitting. The fillers are super fun, I especially like the mastiffs!


Love unit fillers!! They’s like a haiku in that you’ve got a very finite space to work within but once you get the hang of it, as you have, it’s possible to do some wonderful stuff!!