Antenor's Evil Dwarves [2024-01-31]

@Kuanor True, I’m not sure at all why it’s not a more common sight around here. Of all the Winged Bull models available, it’s easily my favourite. @Zanko has the other variety here.

@Reaver Thanks for the kind words! Well, the process was simple enough, and I do feel a bit silly for not having known this technique before. Could’ve saved me loads of time and trouble in the past. I’ll take this as a reminder to always keep learning!
Truth be told, the skull pile mainly serves to conceal the magnets. :wink:

@Nicodemus Thank you very much! Happy to hear that from an honoured CDO veteran such as yourself. :hatoff:

@tjub And that goes for you too! :hatoff: Indeed, those Bull Centaurs are more than a little inspired by your work. You know, of course, how much I admire your conversions. The face design owes a lot to your style, and the Bull Centaur Drummer is an idea I absolutely stole from you - even with those exact dwarven drum bits! :smile: