Anyone remember Hand of Hashut website?

I was just having a read through the old CDO forum trying to find out when I purchased my Juggernaut when I came across something I had completely forgotten about… HoH website… I can not even remember what HOH stands for, I dod remember there was a 2nd chaos dwarf site I used to go to. Anyways if anyone else can remember that far back it would be cool to hear from you for a trip down memory lane


Hand of Hashut

Yep, haven’t heard that in a while. It was a great site, I seem to remember it being ever so slightly friendlier on CDO but I think I still posted on there for a while after

Good times


Hand of Hashut was our predecessor, a creative hotbed that succumbed to neglect and spambots. @Xander , @Willmark , @Grimstonefire and maybe also @HashutsBlessing were among those who started Chaos Dwarfs Online in 2007 when HoH started slipping downhill.

Still, thanks to Timothy Colonna we have this substantial image salvage from HoH. Check it out! Its fruits are not lost, but lives on in CDO’s growing treasure vaults.

One of many compilations to eventually be transferred manually to CDO Discourse.



Awesome! That’s the one… Yeah I kinda stopped going there after some time and stuck more with CDO before I went walkabout and after a while HoH slipped from memory altogether, great to look back on the history though. Thanks for shining a light on this for me guys :smiley:

Also might mention how cool it is that alot of things have come and gone since the 2000’s but CDO has survived and evolved and seems as strong today as it did way back then when I frequented CDO. It is testament to the leadership and community here. To be honest when I came looking for CDO late last year and saw the old site still up I was more than a little surprised to see it was still up albeit looking a little dead, cuz everyone was here on the new platform, even more surprised when I was able to get back on the old site to make a post and not only did someone reply but it was a familiar name! Then to come here and find that CDO is actually thriving and ALOT of old names are still about and everything being so awesome as I remember the old days… well that has just blown me away. :skull1:

Long live Chaos Dwarfs Online!! Long live the Dawi Zharr!! Zharr Naggrund Forever!


What an amazing collage, so many ideas. Have no idea how far i gpt until kid knocked phone out of my hand. I did spend ages examining all the stuff. Dwarf heads on centigors, ghouls with goblin heads and lots of cool warmachines. Great!


Cheers! And that compilation is a tiny gnome in comparison to our 10 years of CDO compilation (2007-2017). It will be one hell of a beast to transfer to Discourse manually, requiring reformatting and an entire subforum with threads for each or every second letter.

Long live Mingol Zharr-Naggrund! Long live CDO!


@Admiral this HoH stuff is new to me. Great images! And you guys who have manually salvaged all those images from CDO forum - absolute heroes. Can’t lose that stuff. It’s nostalgic and and important resource to the veterans but even older content proves to be inspiration for newer users.


I was on at the very tail end of that site before it became a spam-fest.

Also as much as I’d like to be the “old guard” of CDO I actually came along a bit after the initial staffers and members, August of 2007.


Close enough old friend. I for one shall always think of you as one of the old guards. :cd1991:


When I started collecting Chaos Dwarfs, just to have the better evil ones as opposed to my sons VD’s. I started hunting around for rules for them. I remember finding fan made stuff from “Pyrostick” and others and somewhere in amongst it something about Hashut which lead me to the HoH site.


Yeah Pyrostick!! Is he still about?

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@PyroStick signed up to the new forum so still about. But we don’t see as much of him as we used to :slight_smile:


Good stuff! :beer:

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