[AoS] any CD AoS codex?

I feel bad even asking :sad: but now that finally a local store opened once again after…let me do the math…after 2010, it has Warhammer included, and ofc in wh they will play mostly aos (or the worthless 40k that i never liked)

So, here shamefully im asking you guys if there are any sort of playable CD codex out there.
I dont think they would be properly translated as one of the 2 dwarf faction, those Classic one or those steampunk dudes, or do they?
Did anyone tried?

I tried look in the site but i Probably missed the link :tongue:

Sure thing i will never put them on round base, at most magnet them over one :mad:

Im not really liking this, but i miss the game and this seems my last call. In the worst scenario i still have my old ass ugly skaven made when i was 16.
God the horror laying in that suitcase…

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So for chaos dwarfs off the top of my head here are your main choices I’d reckon:

  1. LoA have official rules . They are the only official chaos dwarf rules in the game. How long will they legal for? Don’t know. The models are getting axed so the rules won’t get any future updates and love. Kinda risky building an army around them: https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/resources/fw_site/fw_pdfs/aos_warscrolls/warhammer-aos-legion-of-azgorh.pdf

  2. Kharadron Overlords - definitely scope for a mega shooty chaos dwarf army here. However this battletome is order so can’t ally with chaos stuff.

  3. I think this is the best option right now: slaves to darkness. Chaos warriors=chaos dwarfs marauders =hobgoblins. Knights =bull centaurs (only really works for old school smaller bull centaurs) marauder horsemen = hobgoblin wolf riders.
    The only thing you’ll struggle to recreate is the more shootier options.

  4. if your friends are happy for you to go unofficial there is the Thommy AOS battletome designed for chaos Dwarfs : https://drive.google.com/open?id=131r9g9cqViICyFUnsQoH4gdFP4Qmy1H9
    This would be perfect but not good if you want to
    Play official tournaments or anything like that.

I’m sure this list isn’t exhaustive but it’s the first options that came to mind.


IMO you could do count as Cities of Sigmar as well for Chaos Dwarfs with ease!

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Good point @tjub ! The ultimate army for playing with whatever minis you want! Haha

@Oxymandias yeah maybe some proxy for mortal chaos might be a choice. I could even fit maybe Taurus and lamassu as some dragons they might have. Gotta take a look.
Great call that unoffy CD codex, surely for fun might be playable but i know it wont be admit in tournaments.

@tjub whats that? Cities of sigmar? Something like the old Dogs of War? Mercenary and neutral troops?

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It’s an army book that represents humans, elves dwarfs and other models from old warhammer still in production. Allows the the user to mix and match these. However quite a few people have made evil cities of sigmar armies , like cities of chaos? Essentially this book would give you access to humans to use as hobgoblins and dwarfs to use as chaos dwarfs as well some cool monsters and steam powered war machines etc. It’s a very versatile book.


As well as Monstrous Cav for Bull Centaurs, Steam Tank for whatever war machine you prefer, rocket launchers etc… :slight_smile:


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Ok the idea then sounds doable. I will take a look on the pc to see if i can match some of it with my army.
Sounds so far off tho…fucking gw seriously.
Threating their customer even worse that carpets… How the hell could they made people throw everything they bought through the years and still made it.

Oh well. I feel like an old grandpa complaining all day long, but seriously fuck them.

Thx @tjub and @Oxymandias for the clearification

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Yep agree its disappointing, particularly as i just blew a wad with FW just before the axe fell. Still its my own fault as I should have got the first batch out of the cupboard of shame before now they have been there since 2014 I think! That said where there is will there is a way. like some of the proxy ideas.

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@Kawasaki honestly dude without official support is where we thrive best! We always have :slight_smile:

The community will continue to provide ideas rules and miniatures that surpass what the company provides for us

It’s just awesome you managed to bag them before they were axed :slight_smile:


@Oxymandias yes and no, i mean, this isnt something like 9th ed that is entirely fan base, this is putting a dead codex into some pre existing new game system. probably there is something about kislev too i bet, but still it has no value.
you can even play and have fun with your army, but if you cannot play any tournament at all, i feel it being useless after a bit.
i will see tonight if i can make some parallelism to those cities of sigmar list, mixing those loser forces of good, with a proper chaos dwarf reskin.

i mean, without knowing ANYTHING about rules and lists, i can already see some (bit forced) similarities with:

freeguild general on griffon = taurus/lamassu

dwarf ironbreakers = CD wars
hammers = CD with 2h weapon
irondrakes = blunderbuss
Drakespawn Knights (naggaronts dark elf) = bulls

freeguild outriders (those imperial on horse with gatling gun)/dark riders (dark elf riders) = hobs archers
wildriders (wood elf calvalry) hobs with spears/oglah khans

steam tank = irondemon
helblaster volleygun (those imperial multi gun cannons) some earthshaker mortar
helstorm rocket battery = rocketlauncher

again, as i said, i know nothing (jon snow) but we could fit those similarities and make still an army out of it.
I GUESS :shock:

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I guess so mate. For me that’s not even a consideration. I played one tournament in my life and it’s not an experience I ever wish to repeat haha.
My gaming group is 6 blokes who are all very narrative gamers and play fluffy games for story telling - normally through extended campaigns.

I kind of forget that people might actually need up to date and official lists to use at events in my cozy little narrative bubble haha :joy:

I too “know nothing” haha but those proxies all look like they make sense to me :slight_smile:


As an unsupported army in a obsolete game i think you should be able to do whatever you want as long as it isnt too strong.
Ive played 1-2small tournaments in n. Ireland. I hate the whole powergaming thing. Its all hardcore armylist selection that can all too easy suck you in. I reckon most powergamers have moved on from warhammer at this point. Fluff gamers rule! I dont even know why fluff is called that…haha


oh man i totally feel you. i always been that kind of idiot metal head in the miniature store coming up with all the stupid ideas like my skaven cavalry (skaven clanrats with goblin wolfriders legs mounted on lord of the rings plastic wargs) because i was tired of losing to bretonnia knights xD
yeah i understand and feel that. i guess, i thing, (idk) i might try to proxy all those whiny forces of good into CD :cd1990gif: and make a test army that might fit the cause (but probably will be too weak because not in the meta, but who cares)
there is a new hobby store that opened 1 month ago close by, and ofc they will play mainly AoS, the owner has to sell models, they cannot play older nor fan rules, he has to make money for stay open, so ofc all new stuff is what he needs for his store.
for him it’s a job, for us it’s “just” a hobby, we always have to remember this :icon1:


I believe it’s because back in the day gamers (particularly competitive ones) didn’t care much for it and would skip it and go straight to the rules. They’d call it’s the “fluff” and the “crunch”.

However us narrative gamers have reclaimed that word. Haha. Now it’s “our word” haha.

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Yeah 100% man. We can all roll our eyes at the new kids playing the new games when we still love our old armies and old systems but 1) we used to be those new kids and 2) those new kids help keep the industry going and the shops open.

Oh I agree, the Golden days of CDO was pre Tamurkhan IMO! Beeing without rules for a while is nothing to fear beardlings, we will get new rules/options for our forces as time goes… :slight_smile:


Spoken like a true veteran @tjub

When I first discovered CDO (and lurked a long time before signing up and posting!) it was that “inbetween rule set” creativity I first fell in love with. All that stuff from converting skill pass kits into armies etc.

I seem to remember a certain horde of drawing pin hatted bearded nutters that particularly caught my eye from that period!! :cd1991gif:

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I was checking the official gw AoS app and i found that CDs still exists!!
They lack hobbos for whatever reason, but it s there! FW material Is there :cd2010:
I only have to see how can i play hobs eventually, but we got it! Much happier now!!


Yup still there @Loidrial - that’s the LoA list. For now still legal. (I mean Bretonnians are still legal and on the app lol) but won’t be long until organisers stop allowing them and they are relegated to legacy armies .

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