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Hrothgar Goldgreed:

After recieving the figures below, I started to work on my Chaos Dwarfs again. Usually, converting the heads just failed, so I tried it with marauder helmets this time, and I think they’re just great.

I’ve done the priming myself, and the small parts that have been painted by now. Only the Cannon bits were painted by the previous guy.

Edit: forgot this pic. I also just got this with the Chaos Dwarfs, they seemed to be Dwarf Cannons, which make one reinforcement for my Dwarf force, and one potentional CD war machine!

And here my current conversions. The armour and little piece of armour around the neck are inspired to the Hellcannon Crew/Xander’s CD. :hat off I think that’s also something which makes life much easier … sculpting a beard that’s really attached to the face is hard for me, and so is the 5th ed. armour.

The quality/lighting on the pictures is bad. I know, but I don’t ever seem to find a way to make it right. I just hope you can see enough of it. Especially the Chaos Dwarfs-pics had a bad quality.

No 1. Still WIP. I had another, much more thougher marauder helmet first, but it magically dissapeared from my table and I haven’t found it back after searching nearly an hour for it. So, I used this helmet for now.


No 2. Ready to be primed.


No 3. Also ready to be primed.


That’s all for now. I’m going to search for more marauder bits, and hopefully have more Chaos Dwarfs by the end of … the summer? Dunno.

If you want to see some of my Dwarfs, here ya go:



Looks great so far. Love the idea to use an ordinary cannon.

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Hmm, don’t know what I’m going to do with the cannon yet. I also got the filthy BfSP popgun spare, that’s probaly going to be either a rocket shooter or an earthshaker. I could also just stick a bolt into the cannon and scrape the dwarf emblems of, that’d give me two bolt throwers and would mean I’m finished with getting those :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

Swweeeet!!! i like the evil old school stuff and also your drarfs at bugman!!


Btw Hrothgal did you bring any of the bugman ale with you!!!

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Swweeeet!!! i like the evil old school stuff and also your drarfs at bugman!!
Btw Hrothgal did you bring any of the bugman ale with you!!!!!!!!

Kera foehunter
Wow, enthusiastic :hat off
Nah, didn't had any chance to get close to bugman's beervault, it's well gaurded :hat Do have some dutch beer though, if you like :cheers


Great start.

I’d save the cannons and make them suitably chaos dwarfy for those times you have to play “count as” with your CD.


Keep up the good work!

… I say as I myself procrastinate :slight_smile:


Procrastinators of the world unite… tomorrow!

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Woho, recieved another 15 more beastmen/chaos weapons, and nearly 12 chaos heads! Probaly an update soon, but will have to focus on school after that :wink:


are those CD meant to look metalic like, they kinda look like Statues

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

What, the 5th. ed models? No, they’re just primed by now, nothing done with them yet. Except for the red on the most left guy - just experimenting with colour scemes … :slight_smile:


then I can’t wait to see them finsihed :stuck_out_tongue:


nice conversions.

Though not sure the flail weapon is a good idea. CD can’t use them so would keep them in the back ranks and that might cause rank issues :frowning:

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

I just call them handweapons. Probably won’t be using these for anything official, and if one of my friends say something like that, he’d be patheic.

I converted some more CD’s and a Sorcerer. I’m distracted by my Ungrim Ironfist & his 1985 Orc Casualty though, but I’ll take some pics when I got some spare time.

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Did you thought I was forgotten the CDs?

Did you thought this blog would NEVER see its update?

Well, you were WRONG! As I’m nearly drawing to the rank of a true Chaos Dwarf, I guess I should also begin to own a force of the stunts.


(new) Chaos Dwarf Warriors. The guy to the right’s axe broke off as I placed him on the desk :(:

I’m having some issues with ranking up. Although converting and GSing seems to go realy well, they don’t rank up too good. Some just seem to dislike eachother :). I have some ideas for fixing this though, and they should all be easy.

Color sceme tests:

Command (yes, I have a banner, and yes, I forgot to take a picture of it :~ )


Either a front rank figure or a greatweapon-unit-tester:

Other angle.

Some variation in armour; leather-ish;

And something I’m very proud of, ‘broken armour’ :hat off :

‘Chaos Dwarf Hero’, or, being original, a … Slave Master (?) :hashut


However I do look around on army blogs and showcases alot, I have NOT nicked any of the next things from other guys. You’ll understand when you see it, as the things of which I thought I was original are actually also used by other people. Or look very similiar to it.


My Hobgoblins will be a combination of both Gnoblars and Snotling figures. Snotlings from 40k included, mostly as crew. I did made up the idea myself, but I have seen two guys already doing the same. Snotlings will be the infantry, perhaps with some gnoblars here and there, and the plastic gnoblars will be used for mounted hobbos (… sorry … did nicked this one, thanks!) and for bowmen (didn’t nick this one).

This first unit is ‘naked’:

And this unit will have light armour and shields. Explaination below.

The naked ones are painted green. The light armour ones will be painted brown, which indicates a ‘thicker skin’ or something. They’ll also have red, indian-ish stripes on their arms, and perhaps some warpaint etc. on their faces and chests. I recieved some old orc shields lately, which are huuuuuge compared to the snotlings, but those will be used for their shields; either to their backs or just lying on the ground/bases, ready to be used. Oh, you might have noticed there’s only 19 Hobbo’s in the 2nd unit. This is because I want to convert a gnoblar to the unit’s musician. Yes, I have a banner, check the picture :slight_smile:

I recently recovered this guy. I wanted to use him for my Dwarfs, as some mad outcast, but instead he’ll be a truely brilliant Chaos Dwarf:

Yes, he’s from rackham. I scraped off some emblems here and there to make him Dwarfy, but they weren’t Chaos Dwarfy anyways so that doesn’t really matter. He will ditch the shield though.

Some may have seen my thread in the ideas and suggestions subforum, but here’s my first Chaos Dwarf mutation. No name yet, as I don’t want to nick ‘Chosen of Hashut’ from Grimstonefire :hat off


Yeah, he was a slayer once, but I ruïned him with greenstuff. He became crazy because of this, and now he devoted himself to Hashut. :rolleyes:

Sorcerer, done. Except for the fireball, I will once attach fire to it. I noticed I’m either bad at doing GSing fire, or I’m doing something wrong.


(Hobbo) Crewmembers:

Bolt Thrower crew.

And I … err … forgot the other ones. I recieved some 40k snotlings, one with a cannon bullet in his hands, but it seems I missed those. They’re on the big pic below, though.

My death rocket-ish. Although I like the thing, it just doesn’t do it for me. I’ll keep it, but make a new one once.

Other angle.

And lastly, a pic of the horde so far;

Pff. Done. I hope you enjoy my update!

I perhaps will try to get some more pics soon, as I seem to have forgotten a bunch of figures. I’ll be going to London/Warhammer World in two days though :cheers :cheers :cheers, so perhaps they’ll have to wait till the next update. Oh, I just reminded, I also have a very WIP blunderbusser somewhere …

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’s all looking good. On the second update of CD models, I particularly like the guy on the left :wink: The paint scheme looks good and I like the leather-effect armour too. The Slave-Master is looking really good too, can’t wait to see him painted up :wink: Is the banner bearer in the notlings not going to be in the front rank then? Any ideas on the conversion for the musician (other than a gnoblar)? Can you not find some smaller shields? Maybe poach some ungor shields from people or even use the bucklers from the dwarf thunderers (from whom you can make BBs)?

Are you thinking of giving the Rackham guy a second hand weapon and/or some armour? Sorcerer is looking nice. For my flames (as I had this idea yonks ago :wink: P.S. I know you didn’'t steal it. Great minds, eh?) I pretty much made a semi-twisting point/cone on top of the ball, painted in flamey colours and it gets the idea across well enough. Otherwise, have him as a metal sorcerer :smiley:

With the death rocket, you could remove the rear hatch (and file off the hinge for it) and add in a rocket head (and tail end if you wish, sticking out of the back) and that could help. However, I’m guessing it’s going in that cool “mount”? Maybe find another tube to stick in that carriage and then decorate it? Two war machines that way and both would look cool :smiley:

As for the horde, it’s looking good! Get some painted :stuck_out_tongue: Also, it’s good to get some painted before you amass too many greens (which can be disheartening towards painting).


Looks like a great start, now slap some paint on those figures!


I see my fire Sorc’er is having himself a brother :wink: :slight_smile:

Great models so fare, keep them coming I really like to se the CD mutation done :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

cool i like your cannon and YOUR NAKED HOBOS!!!

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Thanks for the replies all. Merchant, I only noticed how similiar the two were when I nearly finished mine and found yours somewhere.

First of all, more explaination.

I made up some fluff. My CDs don’t want to show their faces (as you might have already noticed, none of the new ones fully show theirs, except for rackham guy). This makes converting MUCH easier for me, and I think it fits CDs well. Oh, hobgoblins don’t care about their faces, they’re patheic anyway.

The slave master (we’ll just call him that for now :wink: ) is nearly done, I just want to do some touch-ups here and there. I had another pic for the light armour Hobbos in which I placed the proper figures on the front rank, but appearantly that one dissapeared as well. Seems I MUST make some new pics today :slight_smile: I’ll also take some pictures of the shields. I can also just use the big ones for the champion (makes him stand out immediately :slight_smile: ) and use thunderer ones for the rest, but I’m not sure if I have enough for that. Oh, and there are more shields on their way, old goblin ones now. They’re smaller, but I think they’re still huge.

Rackham guys needs to swim in some paint remover first, and then I’ll need to figure out what to do with his shield-hand. There was an original rackham shield there once, but I removed it and so the back of the hand looks a little … ‘bad’. A second HW sounds good, I’ll just start trying :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about the DR carriage, I’ll see what to do with it. Perhaps just a cannon or something. It was still WIP, by the way, it is going to have a rocket head whatsoever.

I made some changes to the weapons and hands here and there yesterday, and they seem to rank up better now. I’m going to finish the converting I’m doing at the moment, and then move on to painting!