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I got inspired by the podhammer episode 5 regarding chaos dwarfs back in September 2008 and began to plan this army out. I am still building and have many pieces in process. Xander’s videos helped me make up my mind to give this army a go. I have not looked back since, although I have taken some time off hear and there. Anyway here is the army as it presently stands. I am behind on painting because I missed my chance to prime when the weather was warmer and I hate to prime indoors.

I tried to load the pics directly to the site, but I struggled with that so I am using photo bucket. If this all works correctly, then you should see a photo album with sub-albums listed on the left side by unit type. There should be some pictures spread throughout the whole thing, but most will be under the unit sub-albums on the left. I hope the CDO community enjoys the pictures.


[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Viskar Zhragoth:

Maul, looking great! Keep up the good work. What are you going to do to the dehatted Bull Centaurs (helms or helms/masks)? Just wondering…

Some really good conversion work in what I was able to look at, sorry at work, so I didn;t see it all…

Can’t wait to see them all painted!


Looks great that is one burgeoning horde you have there. Glad to see you back active on the site as well.

Kera foehunter:

great army you have a ton of Dow spear guys wow nice cd army to


I have my second 15 man blunderbuss unit modeled. I won’t start painting until February though.

1st Unit

2nd Unit

As for the bull centaurs… … I have not decided how I am going to approach them yet. Maybe a circlet and hair.

I am going to work on winding up the earth shaker for golden hat. I still have a a lot of work to do to it.


looking good. Can’t wait to see the ES finished. Love the wheel tracks


Well I did get it done for Golden Hat, I would be happy to squeak into the top ten.


I have also been working on my slaves:

-Larger 30 man naked hobgoblin unit: (I have to fill in the chests, model hats, and fire)

-Sacrificial 10 man hobgoblin units (same deal as above)

-Hobgoblin Wolfriders (I think I stole this idea from Willmark, still have a lot of sculpting to do)


More Slaves

-Black Orcs (working on modeling lion manes)

I am really pleased with the arrows in the chaos warrior shields

-Orc Boys (This unit is now based an primed)


Chaos Warriors Progress

I have started painting the blunderbuss units. It will take me some time to get them done.

-Chaos Warriors (Fist block is completely assembled- I like the vulture on the standard)

My second unit is well on their way.

I have also started to build a unit of Long Drong Slayer Pirates using the chaos dwarf warrior theme here. So here is my test model. More parts are in the mail to build many more.


nice stuff,cool looking army so far

i like your wolfsriders,are that chaos hounds?or these monster wolfs from lotr(dont know the name…guess warg or something like that)


Woha… The earth shaker is huge! :smiley:

I had the same idea for hobgobbo mounts, just bought the hounds but havent got around to start working on them yet thou.


The Earthshaker came out nice - well done :hat off - and good lusk with GH VIII

Now I’m looking forward to see all all those greys and greens painted to the same standard :wink:

It all looks very promising - and I would really like to have a closer look at, what you did to that Orc unit :slight_smile:


Hazkar: those are chaos hounds, on wolf rider legs, and bfsp goblin on top. I go through a lot of bits ordered through hoard O bits (ebay store).

Tjub: I love your modeling posts. It turned pretty big. It all started with an ancient (I believe GW) dwarf siege cannon and then took off from there. Some one else has completed a unit of wolfriders done the same way (I can’t remember who though).

Clam: I also love some of the pieced you have forged from green stuff. I have so much painting to do. I will see if I can get closer to the orcs. You want the regular orcs right? They have fury pelt things on their back. It is not perfect and looks like a weird blend of deadlocks and fur. I am not sure how they will turn out until they get paint. The blunderbuss units are getting paint right now.


Maul these are looking really nice, I am really liking them.

I also like the uniform or near uniformity of the masks/helms you use in a unit. That is a really nice touch!


The masks just stared out a a way to do it. I then grew to like them so much that I had such a hard time getting them that I made a mold of them. I make them out of dental plaster now. The only problem is that it is hard to get all of the bubbles out of the mold. Hence the face on the pirate slayer is somewhat pitted. I am not sure that that is necessarily a bad thing.


Terrific from start to finish.

My favourite is the Earth Shaker which just looks stunning.


Cool stuff!

Great Slayer Pirate - remembers me of a Predator … :hat off

Carry on :slight_smile:



What legs did you use to add to the hobgoblins? Are they standard goblin legs that were just chopped and added?


What legs did you use to add to the hobgoblins?  Are they standard goblin legs that were just chopped and added?

They are mounted goblin legs, you get them either with the wolfriders- or common goblinbox. Thou I think you get more of them with the common goblin box... :)

Edit: Im sorry, I did only see the mounted Hobgoblins first. The normal inf Hobgobbos got inf common goblin legs. :P