[Archive] [04-10-2012] Insidious Does Work


Well here goes nothing…

So guess I should start off by saying I hope that I can stay motivated by doing a WIP thread for myself and maybe use it to guilt myself into actually doing work when I don’t feel motivated at all.

The goal is by the end of the summer to have everything but together and at least 1000 points painted. Now this also depends on FW release schedule because if they put out the Destroyer and K’daai models anytime soon I will of course have to pick up a squad and probably two Destroyers which would become top priority for me to get assembled and painted.

Right now my goal for the next month is to assemble and start painting two Infernal Command Squads and my Death Shrieker Rocket. I will post some picks up as I get them assembled, mostly boring stuff but will definitely keep you posted as the painting comes along because I am looking for a lot of feedback as I stink at painting and I am also very back and forth on what paint scheme I will go with.

Well here is to myself and staying motivated and thank you for your time and hope you enjoy what is to come…

Tomorrow, first set of pics hopefully two fully assembled Infernal Command’s…

G’nite :hat off


So I got super motivated last night after posting my new WIP thread and actually felt a bit bad that I didn’t have atleast 1 pic to put up… don’t want to come off as a big tease lol…

So without further adieu I present my two Infernal Commands assembled and ready for that last little bit of cleaning up… realized while taking these pics I missed some stuff so got to go back in. Oh and I apologize if these pics are not to good, didn’t edit or do anything and got a new phone so not sure what kind of quality it is going to put out right now…

Next step, get them primed up and ready to work on by this weekend and start the assembly of my Death Shrieker by Monday…





Can’t wait to see some painted ^^



Grimbold Blackhammer:

How odd…  My banner-pole had a slope at the top so my bull’s head looks much more down that straight out like yours.  I wonder if I’ve assembled it wrong? stupid Hobgoblins can’t even put a standard together properly

Grimbold Blackhammer