[Archive] 04.10 orc-slave ready


here my first (in red) warband member in action

Kera foehunter:

They look great painted They are perfect!! Great job Doom


I really love the sorcerer and the chaos dwarf maiden. Is her a model actually sold somewhere or she is sculpted ???


Like I mentioned in your other thread … just awesome! :hat off

Just like Kera said: “Brilliant”!!! :hat off

Great modeling and superb painting - I´m (like always) envious of your abilities! :hat off

So I lean in my seat back and enjoy to look at the pics!!! :cheers



Great job on your warband! I can only imagine painting with skill like that. Superb! :cheers


That’s a really orriginal warband with some nice figures in it. Good job.


:hat off:hat off:hat off

@Kera foehunter ,thx mucho:hat off

@Skink, thx mucho:hat off, there all selfsculpt/whitemetall cast. i hope to start the company at june/jul (some stress with the department:sick)

@ Zanko , thx mucho:hat off

@Madruk, thx mucho:hat off

@wallacer, thx mucho :hat off

:cheers shame on me guy’s & girls this is too much:mad but it make me happy;P now the next silikonkautschuk is orderd, them i make the warband ready: in comming 1x 2hw gaoler(axe & mancatcher), 1xhobgob 2knife, 1x hobgob knife&slinger, 2x bdwarfs hammer,axe, sword (not really ready: must make a bullcentauer, a bd with bb, and some hobgobs) & the first cd warrior.



:hat off halochen,

here my last paint cd &  painted mini’s by cianty http://cianty-tabletop.blogspot.com/



Excellent work! :smiley:

I hope they perform well for you! :wink:


Warband? As in a Mordheim warband? Awesome stuff very characterful.

Let us know how they perform for you.

Kera foehunter:

great paint job on the figures!! they look great


:hat off:hat off:hat off

thx mucho, dawi’s & dewotschka’s  next: sorcerer of death, the pic is in my head but i need some time for  sculpting.



nice stuff

painted they look also so great

really like your style of sculpting


These models remind me of this inquisitor model dark and brooding.  Using my fluff these would all fit perfectly into a brotherhood of hashut themed list.

That lady dwarf is x.x… awesome

Hashut’s Blessing:

Coincidentally, I just happened to be making my Mordheim list (again). They look excellent: played any games so far?


Nice paint jobs on those figures. Makes me want to play Mordheim again…


thx mucho g&g,

at time i make crazy shit http://dooddminiatures.blogspot.com/

but  chianty have paint some one


Kera foehunter:

cool group !! love yoda the hobgoblin


hola:hat off,

now the orc-slave is ready, c&c are welcome:cheers

more stuff & bigger pic from the slave on my blog: http://dooddminiatures.blogspot.com/



Great looking orc, that shild is awesome and works really well on the model :slight_smile: