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The cartoony look is great and I like seeing them but I just cannot bring myself to paint them that way


Au contraire ;)!

Bright and colorful is more spectacular if it is well done (that is the main reason why I won`t do that ;)) and if every one dwarf is painted like a character model.

I am really looking forward to that!


Still trying to decide. leaning towards doing the dirty nasty TMM style first. I want to experiment more with pigments and rust before I make up my mind.

Been looking at some interesting options for Hobbos too, using the fluff for inspiration. It really irks me that FW never finished the army list off so before I spend any money on their range I’m going to work on the stuff they left out. Wolfriders, Khan, Cuthroats first.

Animeriks Mordor Orcs + Gnoblar heads are one of my favourite , add to those with some Warg rider conversions on Fenrisian Wolves and that could lead to a very nice result


heres one of Animeriks over on Warseer riding a boar


There are a lot of awesome kitbashed hobgoblin minis around, but I feel the more deviated from the original minis they are, the more the ‘sneaky’ ‘cruel’ ‘cunning’ feel is lost in translation and thats something I am looking to really get accross if I can. That was the most appealing part of hobgoblins to me when I first read the CD army book back in the 90’s.

For me the Gnoblar heads are really cool but look a bit too cute with those big round noses and big ears, and the Goblin ones are oversized and disproportionate as well and don’t feel right either. The Gretchin heads look pretty awesome and I haven’t modeled or painted any of those yet but I’m not 100% on those either. The original hobgobs I liked so much had the tall thin faces, tall spikey thin ears, nasty sharp teeth.

It felt like the concept & idea that they are the most humanoid of the Greenskins & had the trust of the cd’s as slavemasters and warriors and were seen as backstabby by the other greenskin races earning them the reputation of being sneaky, cunning and cruel has been lost a bit and is something I want to retain in the look.

So first I looked at humanising them some more by doing the Mongolian thing GW did with the Dogs of War Oglah Khan. Looking at great Chinese warriors for inspiration. The Fu-Manchu moustaches they gave them were a bit cringey but its a cool concept making them Mongolian.



In the end I feel like it was probably a bit over ambitious to try and do some conversion or sculpt Mongol Hobgobs and now that the new FW cd’s are less Persian and Big Hatty I’m not so sure Mongolian Hobgobs would fit so well.

But continuing more with the sneaky cut-throat theme I’ve seen some pretty awesome conversion bits of Pirate heads from Kromlech on sale at Maximini that would make some nice pirate cuthroats . They also do some cool mechanical legs that would make some great Astragoth style conversions…Imagine combining the two, you would have some crazy looking pirate hobgob victims of industrial factory accidents :idea



As much as I like the idea of Sneaky Pirate Goblins with cutlasses again I’m not so sure it will fit in with the theme and is probably a bit cartoony. But they are super cool and would make an awesome stand alone unit

I’ve always loved the Clan Eshin style Skaven who reek of sneakiness. I’ve never collected any Skaven but the Gutter Runners, newly renamed Nightrunners were always one of my fav units.

Burkha style cut throat assassins, long flowing capes, cloaked in black, stealthy robes. Throwing knifes, ninja stars, long black cloaks, faces covered with masks or partially revealed.

I found some awesome conversion work done by some guys called Red Keep. They say they are just Blood Island minis converted but it looks like they are Skaven Clanrats regiment box set as both arms are weapon option-able. I love the dynamics of these guys and they really feel sneaky and cut-throat =)



I’ve been trying to sculpt my own Hobgob heads in GS, I have no experience whatsoever with gs , just following some face sculpting tutorials on the web. Its really really hard and I think its going to take me 100 or so rejects before I even get close to what I want! Lot of respect for anyone who sculpts their own stuff!

I did also email GW tonight and request a re-run on the hobgoblin range, not that it will do any good but it cant hurt to ask :idea

I also emailed Bob Olley @ Ollies Armies and asked him how he would feel about sculpting some custom made original hobgob heads.

I am waiting to see what comes out of Russian Alternatives mini-forge in the next few weeks, and resisting the urge to buy a huge load of Mantic or LOTR mini’s…


For hobgoblin heads you should check out the following thread:

The finished heads are with me. I have to find time to visit a friend in copenhagen to start the casting process and it’s delayed due to an early born baby.

But I’m hoping october or november.


Ahh no way man nice . PM’ing you


So this guy turned up this week

And I bought a cheap airbrush from China off ebay, I’ve never used one before and didn’t want to spend out too much, and save money for more paints instead. This one only cost about $20

Also , my K’daai Destroyer arrived today from Poland. Took some better photos of the guy!

I’m pretty pleased with him, Its some good work! Didn’t come with a base though! Should’a guessed! The re-cast is pretty well done, some slightly thin areas around the ears and some loss of detail on things like the chain link and a huge mold line to clear up but in general its a good job and the detail is nice.


- Ordered a pin vice drill and brass rods and glue and things for basing today so once that arrives I can get going on sticking him together.

- Took some better photos for you to see some of the best bits, like the demons in the cages from the BT kit, lots of hooks and chains hanging off him, and lots of dwarf axes and shields embedded in his skin, a few mechanical bits and infernal guard shields as well!

- If anyone has any cool ideas on what to do with him or good paint schemes I’d love to know? :idea

- Right now I’m thinking to paint his skin a bit like a FW Avatar and like the Tamurkhan illustrations. Black with super hot cracks. And lots of extra chain link added.

- Told the fantastic Polish guy who made it about us at CDo and invited him to join so maybe we will see more of him on here. He said he had an idea for a second one he planned on making soon so I’m interested to see what he does next.  

- I’ve also bought about 12 MM90s and some hobbos, and a bunch of FW stuff so my bank account is looking pretty bare now. I did win $500 the other day though, by betting on Rory McIlroy to win the PGA so in a weird kinda way he has helped fund this!

[align=center]This hobby is providing a pleasant distraction to my main job at the moment which is caring for a parent in the severe stages of Parkinsons Disease. PD has been in the news this week with the sad passing of the legendary Robin Wiliams. I took 3/4 months off work to help out and moved back home recently. I am lucky if I get a single hour to myself some days its so hectic, it’s a really nasty debillitating disease & I’ve been very abjectly struck by the hopelessness and bleak future it leaves anyone with who is misfortunate enough to suffer it. Painting and modelling for me right now is as much of a release from it as anything else and a welcome escape from the day to day grind.
[align=center]I hope this is reflected in my future artistry, I want to channel my anger, frustration, my distress, my darkside and all my negative energy into something of true beauty. [/align]

I’ve been pretty unlucky with Big Hats and CD’s in general, going through about 7 armies here’s whats happened each time

Army 1 1994-1996 - Painted Bighat Army of around 2000 pts. Swapped or sold
Army 2 2000 - Bought loads of cheap Bighats at a store closing sale, lost/parents threw it out
Army 3 2004 - Stolen and sold on ebay by someone
Army 4 2006 - Sold on ebay to fund college course
Army 5,6,7 2007 - Sold on ebay to fund college course
Army 8 2014 - Fast forward 6 years and I return home (and yes the shed is still there!) and to CDo and decide to make my final 8th army, the most expensive, best and nastiest one yet, which I will not be selling in any shape or form or getting rid of or leaving behind for anyone to sell or throw away!


Tamurkhan Arrived! Doh!

Tamurkhan is down to £32 on Forgeworlds website! I was just about to buy one second-hand when I though I’d check the price and its been reduced way down and is about to go out of print so anyone after a copy should grab one now! My one arrived and is all askew & wonky on the front artwork, its not so easy to tell here in the pic but it is really really bad when you look at it! Will try to get it replaced this week.


I also had some bad luck when I went to use my new cheap airbrush for the first time and found it wouldn’t fit the Paasch style airbrush hose connector on my mums compressor, so had to order a new 1/4 to 1/8 hose from amazon which should turn up this week. Was so excited to start airbrushing for the first time it was a bit gutting to find out I had the wrong hose! Two bits of bad luck!


Khan on Thunderwolf

I thought after seeing that awesome army owned and converted by Tenebre on Cdo which Yodrin posted here I would post a size comparison to see if anyone found it useful.

I had already thought of using Thunderwolves a while ago for characters as I felt for a lone Khan on wolf it could really work nicely to make a large showy centrepiece on a nice base.

So here’s how a 4th edition Gorduz Backstabber looks on a Space Wolves Thunderwolf. This wolf is expensive and cost me £7 + p&p from a bits store in the UK. His back cape DOES fit ok on the back which is good to know, but you can see some daylight in places so ideally a saddle made out of green stuff would help a lot. I have two of these Gorduz models and will make them up and paint them but haven’t decided yet if I like the juxtaposition enough.



So I was looking late one night for Hobgoblin alternatives and saw a dirt cheap bulk job lot from a gaming club on ebay of around 450 Moria Goblins for about £125, and as I was looking for cheap archers this felt like a great opportunity to sell a load on and get 40 or 60 or so for free, so I took the plunge and bought them. I love the armour on the Moria Goblins and feel it fits well with the FW IG armour. Their size also feels good, and while they may have much smaller heads than GW Nightgoblins, if they stood with their legs straight they would actually be about the same or even a bit taller than the average Nightgoblin I think (although this is a guess as I dont have one to hand)

They arrived this weekend from Vancouver WA to the UK and the process has begun of looking through them, counting the, QC’ing them and separating them out into types etc before they go on ebay. Havent decided whether to bother stripping them in dettol first, stripping 400 odd minis does not sound like fun.

This is a great example how you can collect mini’s cheaply or even build up an army for free if you are prepared to put in a bit of work to get there.  If anyone wants to buy any I am selling them over on the marketplace thread on Cdo…


Size Comparison


Basing Ideas

I have been thinking long and hard about bases, I bought some great Anarchy Crystals from Wayland games to see how they look, and I was flirting with the idea of using the Wyrdstone Mines resin bases from Fantascape, or maybe making my own Mines bases with Balsa wood. I wanted to emphasise the Dwarfs mining culture and the idea they had been twisted by the forces of Chaos by their lust and pursuit of Warpstone deep in the depths of the Mountains.

In the end I was so undecided what to do, as I do love lava bases as well, but by this point have made 3 or 4 CD armies with lava bases already and wanted to do something different. So I went back to the fluff to look though old articles and read old bits and pieces and the bestiary section of the army book.

Then I ended up looking at Base-X-of-War and settled on their Defiled Realm bases as I liked the idea of them being part of a Temple of Hashut theme. So thats how I’m going to base my IG, BC, IS and DS. Anyone whos used resin bases before know how expensive it gets, but I figured these particular bases would help me punch some colour and brightness into what is going to be a pretty abject dark contrastless army. I took the plunge and got some custom movement trays made up as well.

The floor’s flagstones themselves will be black Obsidian Stone and the awesome liquid with demon faces appearing in it will either be painted as Lava, or as a weird chaos type colour such as bright green or blue. It will basically be a complementary colour to whatever I end up using on the IG , and also the same colour I use for my K’daai Fireborn, as if they have risen from these pools of liquid energy filled with a thousand screaming souls!

This raises the question posted by TheHoodedMan earlier on if you should mix basing schemes as my hobbos and warmachines won’t follow this same basing scheme, which is a bit of a worry, but tying them together with some lava or bright crystals of the same colour will hopefully prevail and look nice

Base-X-of-War also produce this awesome Defiled Realm turn counter which I really liked too, and would also make a good wound counter or something for my K’daai


Nice idea for the Khan, and those Chaos bases/counter are truly sweet. Perfect for CDs. Good luck with the K’daai Destroyer. :slight_smile:


K’daai Destroyer Update

So it took me a while to clean up my K’daai as I had to order a pin vice and drill bits and buy some paperclips to pin the beast together with. I also had a bit of mould lines to clean up and also some gaps to fill with green stuff. All the usual kind of stuff =) I put a Hobbit Goblin there for size comparison

Now I have him primed and sitting on a nice 150x100mm resin base from Base-X-of-Wars Defiled Realm range - Ive seen Onyx here on Cdo is using the same bases here

pretty happy with him so far, except for his looking down pose. I wanted to put him on a slope to counter it so I may re-do the base to be the classic sloped heroic rocky outcrop type you see so often, maybe with some Lava thrown in for good measure. But for now I like it this way and it fits with the thematics of my army. Heres some 360 pics so you can see the details…


Fantastic model! Great choice of mini and base.


Ironsworn Update

My Ironsworn will have the same dark abject nasty colour scheme as my IG with one exception…
My plan is to use some crazy OBS lighting and space marine powersword style weapons to make my Ironsworn’s ensorcelled handweapons. This means bright glowing colorful swords, axes etc.

The cheap airbrush I got will come in handy for that but I need to learn how to use it first. So I bought some cheap plastic Chaos Warriors to practice on before I go to work on these babies. I’m going to use MM90’s for my Elite Ironsworn unit, complemented by similar minis from various ranges such as Ewal Dvergar, Bederken Dwerge & Hasslefree, Four A etc

I’m slowly collecting my MM90s, I’m up to about 15 so far I think… And I have the full Bederken Dwerge set in the post from Australia.

The MM90’s were actually Mini-me versions of Chaos Warriors, and I plan to collect the correct variant of each Chaos Warrior to match each MM90. A more detailed explanation can be found here but I eventually plan to add some Chaos Warrior Allies to my collection.


Hobgoblin Update

So Ive fallen in love with Hunter Orcs recently. The mini’s are really really nicely sculpted and have super nice detail on them, the proportions are all nice and realistic and the faces and overall demeanour are just plain cruel and nasty and quite feral looking with their hair in short dreds and nasty snarls on their faces and cruel serated edged swords. They also have super dynamic poses, the archers models even have their arrow release fingers posed which is a nice touch.

The Fell Wargs are also a good stand in for Wolves, especially if you put some Fenrisian Wolf heads on the or convert the Fell Warg’s faces to have smaller ears.

I don’t know if this is true and is pure speculation but I know the Perry Brothers were doing a lot of the LOTR range so maybe the Hunter Orcs were also some of their stuff, but whoever did them did a really nice job, and I’m using them for Hobgobs! ***EDIT - these infact were sculpted by

Aragorn Marks

Aly Morrison

Michael Perry

The Hunter Orcs Boxset

This comes with one sprue, with enough bits to make 12 Orcs, which may sound fairly limiting in terms of weapons options (and it is!) but its only £16 to purchase a set which isn’t bad going at todays prices.

The real caveat here is some of the Orc’s weapons are attached to their legs so are hard to remove and swap out for other bits.

Heres whats you get in each box …

4 Archers, 2 of these stationary guys

and two attacking with swords drawn

You also get 2 of these two handed weapons guys which could make nice standard bearers or musicians with some light conversion work

And you get about 6 of these guys with two hand weapons

2 of which you can chop weapons off easily to make archers using spare bits from the Hunter Orcs on Fell Wargs box set if so inclined

The Hunter Orcs on Fell Wargs Box set I will come to in a minute, but this also contains a useful ‘casualty’ Orc which makes a great unit filler. Each box comes with two of these. And enough spare quivers and bows to assemble about 4-6 archers if used in combination with the Hunter Orcs boxed set

And heres a WIP group shot

Goblintown Goblins

I also really love the Hobbit Goblintown goblins and they are currently so cheap you can pick them up on ebay for about 50p a figure. So I bought a group of 18 as a test and so far I really like them. I plan to make a big tar pit unit of these guys to be regular sword and shield Hobgobs. I had some spare skaven shields sitting around so I added those. The only problem is Hobgoblin Cuthroats w/sword & shield in LoA are supposed to have light armour and these guys have none at all they are butt naked. But nothing some light conversion work couldn’t take care of .

These are my Hobgoblins from deep down in the Mines, their bodies have been twisted from years of neglect and exposure to Warpstone and other radioactive materials they harvest for their masters!

And a final size comparison


This box set is more expensive than the Hunter Orcs on foot, coming in at approx £25 for 6 Wargs & riders. It contains several sprues though with some weapons options and alternative heads, loads of quivers and bows and some great casualty Orcs. It has alternative arms to make up 2 archers riding wargs, and another 4 bows with arrows in a quiver, so potentially 6 Hobgoblin Wolfriders with Bows there, or just armed with handweapons. And some leftover bits to use on the Hunter Ors to make weapons options (ie extra archers)

With a bit of conversion work you can replace their weapons altogether with spears which is what I chose to do with one unit, by drilling out a small hole in the hand and placing a copper rod through it as if it was a spear shaft, and adding some Skaven Clanrat spear heads to the tip.It works pretty well and I’m pleased with the results.

The Fell Wargs themselves are in nice dynamic poses similar to Fenrisian Wolves and of a similar size. The reason none of mine have heads on them yet is because I have bought a test Fenrisian Wolf to try swapping the heads over. I think it will be a good fit, but if not I will just green stuff the Fell Wargs a bit to make them look more wolf-like. The main problem is their ears are twice as long, and they are a bit hairless on their faces.

Worth mentioning as well that the Hunter Orcs come with their left hand attached to the Fell Wargs body and also their lower body is attached too, so you can forget about remounting them on Fenrisian Wolves.


this army is coming along very nicely. I cant wait to see the kdai destroyer finished.


Fantastic model! Great choice of mini and base.

Thanks man, the Polish guy who sculpted it must get all the credit. I'm going to paint the shit out of this badboy =)


this army is coming along very nicely. I cant wait to see the kdai destroyer finished.

I think it will be the first thing to get painted, will make a start this week, just waiting for an airbrush hose from Amazon. I've been taking a lot of inspiration from Model tank & Military modelmakers recently, in particular Rick Lawler. The whole army will have this kind of rusty, battle scarred weathered look, and the K'daai will carry that on through hopefully if it works out, with some rock/lava stuff going on too