[Archive] [06.06.09] TLTG's Army-in-a-Month (continuing to 5k!)


I had already been blogging this elsewhere for two weeks, but that particular blog isn’t very approachable.  I’m very ranty and mean when I’m not being polite for a forum :)  Regardless, to get us all caught up on what’s been done so far, here’s what I’ve been up to.

First things first - Bread and butter!

These are mostly converted according to the video tutorial on this site.  I really like the champion and the musician here, especially the latter as he has a really cool sort of feral look to him.  I wanted to portray my dwarves a little less like silent movie villains with big hats, and more like a tribe of steampunk voodoo cannibals.  Bitz here include Dwarf Warrior legs and torsos, Chaos Warrior heads, Marauder arms and weapons, Marauder shoulderpads (for the masks), and Dwarf Warrior shields shaved down.  I really like the battered metal look.  The command are made from a Marauder standard, a Skeleton Warriors drum, and a Marauder drum with the hand shaved off and greenstuffed for repairs.  I began this unit on March 1, and had it converted and fully painted by March 4.

Next up, the Death Rocket.  I wasn’t terribly inspired so the conversion on the cannon itself is minimal.  However, I am pretty happy with the crew.

That’s a Space Marine Whirlwind bit sticking out of the barrel.  A missile that fit the gun perfectly amused me, and you can slide it in or out depending on whether or not the gun’s misfired.  The crewmen are obviously greenstuffed, but the rest of them are just standard crew for a cannon.

Unfortunately, poor quality pic here:

These are Battle for Skull Pass goblin bowmen, with the bows shaved down to look like Kukri.  The masks are green stuffed, as are bits of the cloak where I had to cut away the quivers.  They’re super cute and make pretty good Sneaky Gits.  I love how the bow string hands of the goblins translate directly to crazy cinema-style kung fu.

Now we get to my favorite unit in Warhammer:

These fellows aren’t converted much from their original design, as I actually have an O&G army already that runs them in big fat blocks.  However, I did burn some dwarf runes in to the armor plates.  To do that, I heated up a soldering gun and used the hot end to melt the plastic.  I’m not terribly thrilled with the paint job, but I finished the entire unit in about two hours so I can’t really complain.

Characters come next of course.  I did these as a nice break from working on rank and file.  Here’s a bad picture of a voodoo priest.

This is a Battle for Skull Pass slayer with the beard and clothing removed and a new beard sculpted.  The puppet is easily recognized as the little thing the night goblin wizard carries.  The skull in the other hand was removed from a Black Orc weapon I had spare.  Nothing’s scarier than a naked 4 foot voodoo priest!  I can’t really get the facepaint to look right, but I’ll work on that when the rest of the army is painted adequately.  He’ll be used as my wizard of Death, or wizard of Shadow, depending on which lore I want more for that game.

Here’s eventually my BSB.  I’m looking forward to painting him tomorrow.  I plan on spending a good hour or two hand painting one of the old cartoony chaos dwarves on the flag as a nice throwback and salute to their origins.  He’s a Battle for Skull Pass cannoneer with the big cannon squeegie cut off and replaced with a standard Orc Boyz flag.  The top of the hat has a nine pointed star etched in to it, and there are runes of Hashut on the left, right, and rear of the hat.  I tried to sculpt the hat around a spare skull bit I had, but it was a huge pain to do and I wasn’t happy with the result so I just removed it.  I figure I’ll just put a jewel or something on the hat when it dries.

Lore of Metal wizard!  I like the term Arcane Engineer I saw on here a week or so ago, so I shamelessly am stealing it for use with this gentleman.  Greenstuffed armor, beard, and pinkie finger.  The wrench is from the Cannon Crew sprue, and the skull hanging from it is another tidbit from the Black Orc weapons I had handy.  As far as I can tell the dwarf is part of a cannon crew, possibly Battle for Skull Pass.  I inherited it as part of a trade and knew what he’d be doing as soon as I saw him.

Next on my agenda is to convert the first of the blunderbuss crew tonight.  I’ll try to take some pictures of the work in progress for this blog.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Excellent army! Best I’ve seen so far!


Thanks for the praise, but there are a number of others I’ve seen on this site that make me green (stuff) with envy. The begoggled Blunderbussers are my favorite, though I’m not crazy about the cork they’re mounted on.

Once I finish up my own Blunderbussers, I will be working on 32 more warriors, the fire sorcerer, an earthshaker, 10 bull centaurs, and the bolt throwers. My goal is to get my 2250 list done for April 4 as there’s a decently sized local event I’m going to run them in. We’re also doing a legendary battles for fun event in the summer, so my next project after I finish the army will either be a Kolossus or a Zeppelin. I like the idea of a total steampunk Chaos Dwarf Pirate Slaver Zeppelin, festooned with hooks, guns, and cannons. I also want a little pilot’s deck with a couple chaos dwarves in either victorian finery or flight scarves and goggles… or both. :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

great job on the army !! love the black orc and cd


some great looking stuff. I like the metal sorccerer alot.


Many thanks!  I’ve been having a lot of fun with this project, though it has taken a pretty serious toll on my hands!  If not for the tightening of the fingers trying to hold models to cut/sculpt/paint this much, then for the million little cuts and gouges I’ve given myself cleaning my starting dwarf models.  :)

Here’s my next project.  I did all of these last night, from about 5:30 until midnight or so.  I’ve got five that didn’t fit in the picture but didn’t want to anyway because I haven’t yet glued their arms in place. The faces didn’t come out well in the photo, but they’re a mix of full face goggles, gas masks, and small goggles with cloth breath wraps.

I plan on doing two units of 21, so five more to sculpt and this unit is done.  I’ve only got one more box of thunderers though, so the final five here and five in the other unit will probably wind up being Battle for Skull Pass dwarves.  Hopefully I’ll have some (partially) painted pictures of these thunderers by tomorrow morning.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looks great! Threw some slaves your way. Have a look!

Groznit Goregut:

You should use some of the GW washes on your black orcs. The black would do well to make the paint look just splashed on. You can also use brown or sepia on the horns. The washes are fast and easy.


You should use some of the GW washes on your black orcs.  The black would do well to make the paint look just splashed on.  You can also use brown or sepia on the horns.  The washes are fast and easy.

Groznit Goregut
I actually want the paint on the black orcs to look a bit deliberate, as I'm picturing Chaos Dwarf smiths putting it together rather than Black Orcs. I agree some sepia on the horns is a good idea though. In person, most of the metallics in the army are pretty well muted except where I don't want them to be. However, the chainmail parts of the paint job way too bright.

In about 90 minutes I get out of work and I can finish the first unit of Blunderbussers. I'm pretty psyched. :)

Kera foehunter:

i love the blunder busses great job on the green stuff


No new pictures today, but last night I finished converting the unit of blunderbussers, 21 strong. I ran out of standard thunderers during the process so I trimmed up some Battle for Skull Pass guys to fill out the unit. They’ve all been primed as well. I am hoping that tonight I can get the full unit painted, but I’ve only had about six hours of sleep this week so I might have to wave the white flag before I finish the job.

I’m on a pretty rough schedule that I built for myself regarding converting and painting this army to get it all done in time. I’m feeling really guilty that I basically wasted a day yesterday, but I’m actually still two days ahead of schedule as the sneaky gits are already converted and painted. I did alsos take some time to make two prototype bull centaurs from Battle for Skull Pass miners and Riders of Rohan horses. As I don’t have easy access to Gor legs, I just make some nicks in the hooves to make them cloven. The legs are a little on the long side, but I’m going to prime them as is to see how they look. If it’s not too bad, I’ll leave them that way. Otherwise I guess some cutting and plastic gluing will be necessary. I also managed to thoroughly mangle a finger and a thumb trying to trim down the miners and horses. :~


I really like the way you did your sneaky gits. It’s practical and very inexpensive.

I may use that idea as the basis for mine if you don’t mind, as I have a bunch of those guys just laying about anyways.


I really like the way you did your sneaky gits. It's practical and very inexpensive.

I may use that idea as the basis for mine if you don't mind, as I have a bunch of those guys just laying about anyways.

It would warm my icy black heart. :)

I am probably going to be catching up on painting the conversions for a few days rather than do much sculpting this week, given how accident prone I've been with the knife this week. On the bright side, I could totally commit a robbery and they'd never get me on fingerprints. I'd like to find a suitable image to emulate on my BSB's flag, as I don't have a good sort of creative visual slate in my mind. I'm not a terribly artistic person in that way, sadly.


You could always have the Legion of the Scarred Thumb…

…seeing as how badly we can hurt of fingers converting… :stuck_out_tongue:


You could always have the Legion of the Scarred Thumb...

...seeing as how badly we can hurt of fingers converting... :P

It took a good deal of restraint not to show my "progress photos" as images of my horrible debilitating injuries. It even hurts to type! :D Truth be told, the worst one was actually several days ago. I was trimming down the BSB before I green stuffed him, and somehow wound up slipping, skidding, and burying a pretty heavy duty razor in my left index finger. It was one of those things where I didn't realize how bad it was until I noticed how hard it was to stop the bleeding. Thankfully the superglue was nearby or it might still be doing so.


TLTG: I think this count as some sort of initiation to the Brotherhood of Wargaming Minis Converters.

I once was doing some work with an exacto knife about ten years ago when I was kid, and I must have cut myself. I suddenly notice red stuff all over and I wonder if I broke a jar a paint or something. I then notice I had cut myself and it was blood, so I went upstairs to wash it off and slap a bandaid on. My mother sees it and freaks out and drives me out the Mercy Clinic. They had some sort of “special bandaid” that you put your finger in a liquid and it makes it adhere to you better.


May your conversions rock! Keep up the good work!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

HA Swiss! I keep cutting myself on occasion and I’ve been building models since 1982. Seems really wierd when I do though.

Kera foehunter:

lol love your avatar !!


Thanks, I’ve even got a matching “ya r’lyeh” somewhere around here.  :)

Anyway, new status update.  I didn’t make as much headway painting as I would have liked, but I’ve got the most obnoxious two colors down, plus some skin toned highlighting.  It’s still messy (I did these super quick and I need to trim with black before I can do the metallics) but here’s a work in progress shot:

Remaining for these fellows are bronze, chainmail, a couple shades of green on the goggles, and red highlights for the armor/sleeves/scarves.  Given all the breath masks and debris they’ll have to deal with, I might smatter them with a brown wash as well to make them look filthy. I think they’ll come out looking pretty alright in the end, even though they’re so messy now.  If they don’t I might be sad, but c’est la vie.  This weekend I’m going to finish converting warriors (my final list runs 48 standard warriors) and hopefully I’ll get those done by the end of Sunday night.  If I can, the only infantry dwarf models left are the last of the blunderbussers, the fire sorcerer, and the paint scheme on the BSB.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looks great!@ Keep up the good work!