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Alright folks I am not sure if I am allowed to post other works along with my CD army WIP. However, :hat off

I am going to post up some stuff and if that isn’t ok just let me know and I will pull it down.


Here is some of pics of my armys.

Vampire Counts

Nurgle 40K


And Marine

In a few days I will have pics of the CD’s along with any new updated painting of my models for other armys.

-Sigose :cheers


Sure can however this is not the right forum for it tho… moved follow the linky.


Nice figures, but people without a broadband connection may find it easier to view the pictures if they’re cropped to just slightly bigger than the actual figures. As it is, you have a lot of gray space in those pictures.

Your Tau scheme is quite nice. It’s good to see practically coloured Tau that actually look like they could be involved in warfare.


K I will crop them down on the next set of pics,

and thanks on the tau! I really enjoy the scheme aton and they are fun to paint. I did miss a detail on that tau though. :o

But I will fix that up here soon. :slight_smile:

But main thing for that army is I am loving the colors of Grave Yard Earth and Codex Grey for there base colors then just add in details with Blood Red and Enchanted Blue. Simple and effective. :cheers

But here is a text update for you folks-

Ok I worked on a unit of five Chaos Dwarfs,

And I am setting up my other plague bearers to be primed in the future.

However the big project update is the dread named Suffer.

I bought him for 25dolars and I have been heavly modfiing him from his last style of the only other DG player who went to the Black Templars…

So thus far I have an eye poping out of the plate where the soldier is been incased at. I have many boils and burst outs and I am working on a chaos marine being held in his arms being crushed from the power of the cc weapon.

Hope to update you later.


Big note:

I am taking a vacation if you will to World of Warcraft due to a friend built a guild of friends and family. So I am going back into the game to play with the people I know and resepct. If any of you want to join us in there let me know and I will post info.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looking good. As mentioned (and noted), crop the pictures after taking them. Also, the paint looks a little blotchy: a small tip is to add ONE DROP of water and mix it THOROUGHLY into the paint. Good luck in and returning from WoW. Let’s see some pics when ya can get some up!

Kera foehunter:

i like the pance on the zombie!!!great job


Well today is my B-day, WOOT…

I got some zombies from a gent. About 50 dudes for 30 dolars and boy oh boy they will look very nice once I do a little touch up on the models. I also have a movement tray he built and gave me as my B-day gift for 30 zombies. Really nice of him! Cheers to my fantasy hero. :cheers


I will promiss a update once I finish the unit of zombies or if I get something else really massive that I must go OMFG must post!! type of thing.

Till then folks ya sadlly are stuck with just another text update. :hat