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I’ve been putting together some chaos dwarfs now for a while, and I thought I could share my work with you. I got very much inspiration from Tjub’s blog, so you’ll probably find my work kind of similar to his. This is not because I want to copy his work and find myself better than him. No, this is because I love his work and his style and wanted to try something similar myself!

Anyway, I had a few games with my incomplete 500-point force, and lost… I did find it quite dull to play with an unpainted/not-converted army so I started to work straight away. I will continue to update this thread with my work and progress, and I appreciate any kind of feedback, comments and/or constructive criticism.

Here are some pieces I’m working on so far:


Chaos Dwarf Hero (bad quality, better picture when I have some more time).

And then some of my finished pieces:

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower.

Hobgoblins (shields and weapons not completely finished).

And finally:

a Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer.

Stay tuned for more stuff to come! I’m currently working on a Deathrocket and some Hobgoblin Wolfriders.



Wooo… they’re looking good so far!

Good work on the bases!:cheers


I always liked Tjub’s stuff. It’ll be cool to see another take on the concept.


This is kinda flatering… :slight_smile:

They look good so far! I think you should try something more with your hobgobbos, not just take the easy way out with a straight NG without the moon…

Big hats for the win! :wink:

Edit: Btw, where is your avatar from?


I absolutely love the basing!

How did you do the lava effect on the bolt thrower, and how did you paint the rock on the sorcerer?


it looks good so far, I realy like the beards.


Great start. Very nice and clean colours - and as Swiss - I do love the base on the Sorcerer. Great work and keep it up!

Kera foehunter:

love the bolt thrower and bace !! nice sorcerer too


Jaakko’s exploding the forum!:cheers


Hehe, glad you guys like my work!

@tjub: My avatar is just some custom picture I threw together. A mechanical golem found via google and edited in paint/photoshop.

@Swissdictator: I always start off with greenstuff for the spots I want lava in. Then I start off with Mechrite Red, followed up by a lighter red (usually Blood Red), then moving to an orange colour (I’ve used Blazing Orange) followed by a somewhat lighter orange and after that a yellow. I usually blend some Skull White to the yellow and finally I highlight with pure Skull White for a nice glow-effect :smiley:

As for the sorcerer’s base… I just used a small piece of Styrofoam, undercoated it black, drybrushed with Codex Grey and finally highlighted it with Skull White. I used the same colours for the hot magma parts of the stone as I did for the lava effect on the Bolt Thrower.

And now the new stuff:

Hobgoblin Wolfriderz!

And once again heavily inspired by tjub:

The Deathrocket.

Working on a Bull Centaur for the next Golden Hat contest. I will also paint the Chaos Dwarf Hero ASAP and I will also start working on the Chaos Dwarf Warriors unit.

Until next time,



Details are hard to see, could you get some pics with better lighting? The lone rocket idea is cool, no launch effects though?


seems to be coming along nicely, details are lost in the darkness - maybe lighten them up in an image editor?


I’ll post some better pics when I have time, kinda busy atm…

@the_rat: The rocket hasn’t been launched yet! :smiley: That’s why it looks so calm in the middle of the wasteland, surrounded by lava.

Kera foehunter:

I like your wolves you used and the rider are cool to


The detail on the beards is very crisp. I especially lke the lighting work on the bases. :hat off


Sorry for all the bad quality pictures, I’ll try to make them better in the future.

Here are some pictures of my complete Deathrocket:

"A forgotten rocket still lies somewhere in the wasteland, only waiting for the day to be launched… For giving it more life, the slave who created this rocket gave it a face using coal and dust. The slave died shortly after the rocket was finished, but the rocket itself still remains in the middle of a wasteland…"

The idea came from a rocket which is used as the logo for the World of Warcraft database Wowhead… And no, I don’t play WoW (anymore)! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll paint my Chaos Dwarf Hero tomorrow, as well as continue on my riderz.


Kera foehunter:

that is greatly painted !!i love the face on it the lava bace is cool to


such a lonely little rocket… and yeah that face is too cute. I dont think the pics are as bad as you think they are… lol… but we can be our own worst critics.


Lolz, can you imagine that face coming down at you?  It’s grin says, “haha, gotcha!”


Lolz, can you imagine that face coming down at you?  It's grin says, "haha, gotcha!"

Haha, exactly! :hat off
I went through my bitzbox just a moment ago and found some interesting pieces... Maybe I'll be able to create something destructive! But that remains a secret for now... :D