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From left to right:

My Sorcerer of death (BFSP cannon crew with hair top from a Dark Eldar, and the cannonball is going to be painted like a magic 8 ball)

Sorcerer Lord of Metal (BFSP dwarf lord. I removed the axe top and lower part, inserted a brass rod with bits from the old chaos mutation sprue as the end and mouthpiece, plan on greenstuffing the rest of the staff to make it a bit bigger, going to paint him up closer to a socerer of Tzeentch

Next is my conversion of the Nemesis Crown Chaos Dwarf Hero, basically a miner with a different weapon top, and some more dark eldar spikes along his head, my local gaming store calls him Rooster. He is my Battle Standard Bearer

Followed by the Sorcerer of Metal (He was the Thunderer champion from BFSP with arms switched from the engineer and another poor dwarf)

the next fellow with the large staff is another death wizard, complete with headpiece from the undead horses on the vampire counts chariot, staff top is from beastmen set.

lastly is my Sorcerer Lord of Fire, basically the crew with the cannon swab/packer that I topped with more dark eldar spikey bits.

trying to give a better shot of the staff

Any ideas on how to get some better pictures? Ill update with more work on the lord by tomorrow, assuming Halo 3 doesnt steal my soul away from my Chaos Dwarfs…


I feel your pain with the Halo 3 incident. I will be lining up tonight to acquire it, well, more importantly, I want a free headset. First 150 or so people at BestBuy get a free headset, t-shirt, and other such things. I will probably play for a couple of hours after I get it, then go to sleep and then to work.

Chaos Dwarfs are looking good. As for picture quality, there are several threads on other forums dedicated to taking good pictures. But tripods and the macro function are a good start.


Cant…quite …see .They sound good but host wont show enlarged versions?:hat