[Archive] [09-27-2007] When good monkeys go bad - A cautionary plog


Hello all

I was briefly around on this site a few months ago. Unfortunately my short monkey attention span found me painting models with decidedly rounder bases. A sad state of affairs I’m sure you’ll agree. Here was my effort before said distraction:

Choas Dwarfs of the distant past (well, April)

Anyway, that nonsense has passed out of my system and the Dawi Zarr are back on the menu. I’m going to be updating this plog in tandem with a ‘200pts a month’ type affair on another forum, so a constant flood of nonsense and creativity is assured.

Anyway - the army! The full list is in the army list section. Basically the feel I want to get from my CDs is industrial/magical. Almost like skaven engineers - using magic and technology to make some weird things.

This will come out through the Bull Centaurs - who will hopefully look unnaturally fused rather than a normal creature. I also want to have ‘slave centaurs’ rather than hobgoblin wolf riders.

This is another theme I want through the army. Rather than Hobgoblins I will be using human slaves - basically the new flagellants with various tweaks and modifications. and chains. lots of chains.

You can see I’ve got plenty of ideas, but no results yet. don’t worry, I’m working on it. Bought a LOAD of stuff tonight and am going to commence with the building of a basic warrior for your delectation.

So thanks to you all for inspiring me with a million and one ideas and I hope I can maybe return the favour:cheers!


It all sounds good.

We shall wait patiently (for a while).


We are a patient lot so lets see some progress :slight_smile: (or else!! :hashut)

- Tallhat


You guys are a bit scary. But that’s good. I’m working on my dwarfs but my camera has developed a fatal error. I think some spiders got into the lens mechanism and built a nest. or something. I’ll get pictures up soon I promise.

Traitor King:

Thats right… Blame it on the spiders…

cackles manicly


Probably running Windows Me version 2, errrr Vista.


Haha! It only took me three months to get an update up. :~ I’m so sorry guys.

Anyway, 3 months has given me 1000 points constructed, one painted model and a LOT of ideas. Please forgive the shoddy nature of the pics, but photography just ain’t my strength. I’ll get light box and what not set up when more are painted. Just wanted to give you guys an idea of what I’ve done.

Going through the lot -

The two heroes were great fun to put together. The general was inspired by Kytes’ mancer. Cheers man! The back and cloak were massively lifted from Grim’s model.

The sorcerer was just an experiment in playing around with plastic/gs and interesting things I found in a second hand shop in town. Think he came out well.

The CD warriors were obviously inspired by Xander (bless you lad) and the helmet variety from Snot. The unit filling ogre is just my way to give the unit some interest and height and also save me more work. The cog shields are made by my friend who is MUCH better at GS than me.

The BB are meant to be a bit weedier than the warriors. That explains the dwarf vs marauder arms at least. The metal cogs were a great find from a local model train shop. Cheap as chips and twice as tasty. The unit filler was pretty much for the same reasons as above.

Here’s a close up of a BB and CD:

Now - the big change to my army from most CD forces - the hobbos. I just don’t like the look of the goblins. That’s me though, I can totally see why others use them. Once I saw the flagellent box set I knew what I had to do. Buy and paint up some human slaves! Bedraggled, under-fed and crazed you say? That’ll do nicely thank you very much.

Each unit had a CD slaver at the back.

The earthshaker is the standard Hellcannon counts as. Nothing new there. The bolt throwers are simply leadblechers with spears in barrels:

I liked this idea at the start, but more and more I’m not sure about it. So I’ve got an alternative, but we’ll have to see if that pans out first. I’m keeping schtum till I have completed models.

Finally the painted guy:

Whilst I tried to avoid the usual red/ gold I couldn’t find a scheme I was happy with. So I toned down the red to make it more brooding and went with NMM gold. Now my NMM skills are non-existent to say the least. So this will be a great opportunity to learn more.

I still need to decide on my third real colour and use it to paint my as yet-non existent shield design. Probably white, but I’m open to suggestions.

So there we go - I’d love to hear everyone’s feedback. It’s been great fun doing these guys and I can’t wait to get my teeth into the rest.

I’m going to try to take these guys to the Battle for Albion camaign weekend (see Battle for Albion)

So with the 3 T’s of painting (a Target, a Timetable, Tea) I’m going to get to action with these guys. Who knows, you might even receive an update before March.

Cheers! :cheers


Oops forgot army shot:


nice work ! love the flagellents had never thought to use them as slaves but they look perfect especially the guy in the stocks! the lords are cool too.

Ghrask Dragh:

Great stuff!

nice looking green work. I like the use of the Ogres.

The sorcerer with the ‘gas mask’ type thing is a great idea and the painting is also of a very high quality!

Good start, looking forward to the next update



Thanks guys!

Kera foehunter:

wow thats cool What heads did you use on the blunderbuss?


Cheers kera - the gun heads? They are from the 40k chaos tank kit - meant to be put on the end of lascannons etc, but thought they made the guys look a bit more choasy. Watching your bull centaur project with interest by the way.

Kera foehunter:

cool i like your army a lot of cool ideas.im still getting idea for mine too.i like the ogre harpoon or bolt thower.


well done, a nice looking army


Nicely done - one thing I would iint out though is that you left a mould line on the warrios arm


Ah yes - good point AGPO. I’ll attend to it.

Uzkul Werit:

I’m liking those helmets. They looked really easy to do.


loving the army good idea with the helmets


Cheers guys. The helmets were great fun. At first I was nervous - screw them up and the model is ruined, but it was great just blobbing on GS and going at them with various tools to see what shapes I could make.

All inspired by this forum really, so give yourselves a collective pat on the back if you like them. If you dislike them then kick yourselves in the shins and think about what you’ve done.