[Archive] [09 - 30 - 2007] Order of the Molten Rock (now with (bad quality pics)

Grongi Blackbeard:

i’ll post my army list here for now (better pictures soon to come)

i’m a bit unsure about this so please tell me if there is anything wrong or somthing that doesen’t work out in my list. i would also like some advice:hat off

now it is 1000 points


Chaos Dwarf Hero - Grongi Blackbeard (General)

Armor of the Furnace


Hand Weapon

Costs 107

Sorcerer - Thorin Flamerager

2x Dispel Scroll

Hand Weapon

Lvl 1

Costs 110

Sorcerer - Woedinn the Gray

Talisman of Protection

Hand Weapon

Lvl 2

Costs 115

Core Units

12 Chaos Dwarfs

Full Command

Costs 138

15 Blunderbluss��

Full Command

Costs 210

20 Hobbgoblins

Light Armor, Bows, Full Command

Costs 150

Special Units

2 Hobbgoblin Bolt Throwers

Costs 60

Rare Units

1 Earthshaker Cannon


Total 1000

Then to the hobby section of the army.

The main idea is that instead of shadin i n gaps, cracks an small openings, i make it look like it glows from them. Thats mainly for the cds. The hobblins have a colour scheme that woks well together with it.

a painted unconverted warrior. note that his armour is glowin frim within or something like that… well its a bad pic, but there will come better later… gotta repaint him though

my painted unconverted hobblin archer champ. i’m happy with this guy…

fire sorc WIP.

CD Warrior Champion WIP

earthshaker WIP. made from a lot of stuff. bfsp cannon, lego wheels, drgon jawbone from the giant sprue, orc warboss shoulderpad, orc shoulderpad…

yes all that is paint in the WIPs will be repainted.

comments om both the list and pictures (what you see of them at least)

EDIT: Your second post with exactly the same pictures has been removed because they are also here and have been described. It saves time for page-loading for some people. ~ Hashut’s Blessing

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Blunderbusses are a must in the Chaos Dwarf list IMHO.

Traitor King:

Um willmark… he has some…

Id recomend droping one of the Sorcs and adding more dorfs (or some hoblins) as currently you dont have too many troops.

Uzkul Werit:

Two of the characters have too many points on magic items. The Hero and the second Mage have over the 50pts limit. I’d drop the Biting Blade, the second Mage and one of the scrolls to bump up that one Chaos Dwarf Warrior unit. You need the numbers.

Grongi Blackbeard:

yea i was wondering about the magic items for those two, but i’m unsure of what some of the common items costs

i am curently using the common magic items list in the orcs and goblins army book (7th edition), but i also noticed that they have diffrernt costs in the US-GT, but that is exactly the same as in the lizardmen army book:

Common magic items - Points values given (these were in the 6th edition rulebook but not in 7th)
this is so confusing what shall i use?:sick


[[US-GT rules]] are correct in this case. They were the same as that in all armies in 6th and the points values were in the 6th ed rule book.

Grongi Blackbeard:

yea but this is 7th isen’t it?

well i’ll change me after the US-GT rules then


yea but this is 7th isen't it?

Grongi Blackbeard
Yes it is - but armies, that don't have a 7ed army book will use the point cost stated in the 6ed rulebook

You can see our discussion here

Grongi Blackbeard:

thanks :slight_smile:

i’ve updated the list…

is it any better?

(i’ve added 8 warriors - i dont have that many models, so i will either use smoe miners or a unit filler, what do you recomend??)


Oops left out this part 15 BBs are a minimum :wink:

Grongi Blackbeard:

i’ve done some changes - its 1000 points now:hat off

maybe i need more troops, but thing is i dont have enough models:~

Grongi Blackbeard:

so then…, i would very much like some feedback on this list. pictures will come later i promise (as soon as i get my hands on a camera with a good macro)


Its hard to see your models in your photographs because they are blurry. You might be interested in getting a mini-tripod for your camera. They are very cheap - I think I bought mine for under $10 Cdn and help immensely, particularly if you’re using macro close-up lens or long exposure functions.

Something like this:



Also you need to start thinning your paints with some water its making the paint job look chunky.


A cheaper method for taking blur-free pics is to place it on a bag of nuts or cereal (to make it easy to line up with the models) and use the timer (so you don’t shake it when you press the button).

If you are going to have two sorcs then they should both be Lvl2, and probably drop the hero. Magic items could do with a reduction. Your warriors unit should be bigger.

Kera foehunter:

i love your earthshaker cannon it rocks. hehe

Hashut’s Blessing:

I can’t comment on the list itself, it’s not my area, however, I like the idea of glowing armour and like the lava/rock shield effect. One thing I would say is that the clothing and facial features appear to be quite dirty. I know that Chaos Dwarfs live in a barren, ashy wasteland, but I dislike the dirt because it makes them look less well painted, despite the extra effort. No offence intended, of course, that’s just my personal preference. As for taking better pictures, as someone said, rest the camera on something and, if it has a macro setting (flower symbol), use it. I like the pale colour for your hobgoblin colour scheme for the skin, by the way. Good use of the ogre gut plate as the sorcerer’s face. I’m just wondering if it’s perhaps a little too large, but I love the fire effect on his weapons. The sculpting looks good on the warrior and I think will look perfect once painted. oddly, it looks blotchy now, but as though that won’t be seen when it’s painted. Good use of the orc/giant pieces on the cannon and are those Lego cannon wheels I spy?

Grongi Blackbeard:

thx all for the comments:hat off

i’ll try to make some better pics, maybe i’ve got time tomorrow.

I think i’ll keep the list as it is though… thing is as I said before that I don’t hve much more models.

@Hashuts Blessing… wow that is a fair amount of feedback thanks alot!

about the dirty appearence of the Warrior, its not really supposed to be there. i’ve got no idea where all the dirt came from, but as I said before I’ve got to rapaint him anyway.

Its actually a shoulder plate from the ors warboss sprue that is on the sorc’s face. and it is supposed to be a mask, not the face itself so its not much too big. its gonna have the same glowing effect as the warrior’s armor. humm yea that is lego wheels, but the logo is filed away and I was intending to put spikes and things on them like on the hellcannons wheels…

they’ll never know the difference:~

Lord Archaon:

Fire Sorcerer and Champion are very good. My advices are:

1. Try to be more careful when painting small details.

2. If you wish to use that colour scheme, make your bases lighter. I mean when You’ll paint the sand make it brighter, so the model can be seen and there would be a contrast from dark model and bright base.

3. Don’t use the bowstrings, because when You’ll put them on common goblin archers they will look all the same

BtW: I like your idea about the lava shields



:hat off