[Archive] 1,000 Members- Hats off!


I just wanted to take this moment to point out and celebrate a momentous occasion for Chaos Dwarfs Online, on Saturday, October 4th 2008 we recorded our 1,000th member joining.

Now a bit of story behind this, I have been watching this since early August, in fact I caught this screen capture on August 1st when we went to 900 members. I told Xander it would be the last week of September  for our 1,000th and we were only off by one week.

CDO as of 8/1/2008

Then by chance I happened to be on on the morning of October 4th when we were around 998. Now I had been really watching since we were around 980 really intently, and at most people were joining around one every 2-6 hours. I figured the chances of me capturing this was slim to none.  But low and behold, Hashut smiled on us and 2 members joined within the 1/2 hour I was on and I caught a screen capture the 1,000th member joining:

CDO as of 10/4/2008

Some other fun stuff: Even with 1,000 members we are at nearly 60% of all members making posts (56.84% actually) which is another great gauge of just how well we are doing. Plus we are closing in on nearly 100 posts per day.

So on behalf of the Staff: Keep making this one of the best, if not the best destination on the web, and that includes non-warhammer sites too.

If anyone is wondering, I had planned to post this earlier but, we were getting such great traffic and reviews of the 2nd issue of the Word of Hashut I felt it best to hold off for a few days. :hashut

If your also wondering, ask Hashut’s Blessing where the cake is, he’s in charge of that, or maybe Kera.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Gratz all and as to the cake: oops…


Interesting that you’d post with the title “Hats off!” as opposed to “Helms off!” or even “Masks off!” Obviously, this is a homage to the fundamental Chaos Dwarfiness of Hats.

As a proud Hat fetishist, I salute you sir!

Viskar Zhragoth:

That is awesome! I was trying to figure out what number I was…but I can’t tell. But I want to celebrate…and congratulate everybody…now, here is to looking for 10,000!

Viskar Zhragoth


I was bummed I wasn’t around to see this… I saw us around 990-something… then I was away that weekend, came back and saw at work it was like 1,002! I msg’d Willmark all happy and proud and he told me about the screen capture! so exciting.

This is a great community, and as Willmark pointed out, involved and caring and kind. I love it here (I think I’ll stay ;)) we wouldn’t have reached this milestone without the community!

Congrats to CDO for hitting 1,000 (which in baseball is impressive :wink: 1.000), to Xander for getting this going in the first place, and to all the mods and admin who keep it running smoothly.


Interesting that you'd post with the title "Hats off!" as opposed to "Helms off!" or even "Masks off!"  Obviously, this is a homage to the fundamental Chaos Dwarfiness of Hats.

As a proud Hat fetishist, I salute you sir!

It was intentional, as most know how I feel about hats,  As to the hats.... to each his own. :)


I want to personally thank everyone who continues to make this community great! The thing I am most impressed with is that we have come to a point where I don’t need to micromanage all the various efforts that exist on the site! People are stepping forward and taking up their own initiatives! Now that I am settling in to my new job, I should began to have some more time to give my army. With any luck, you can expect more from Vexxus’ and my army very soon!

With the new Warriors of Chaos book, I have been reinvigorated! Both since I love Chaos Warriors and also since we have some decent Chaos Dwarf Lore to add to the canon! Here’s to many more successful years od Chaos Dwarfs Online! :cheers


Gratz! Let’s hope this site can only keep growing!!!111!!!

Note: I’m a helmet man, but hats seem to suit the occasion.


gratz xander for making such an awsome site and thanks to all the memebers for making this such an awsome community

Ghrask Dragh:

This is great news (and 60% having posted, that’s huge :))

Hats off indeed to everybody who contributes to making this site as good as it is :hat off


Woot! New guys buys beer to celebrate! :stuck_out_tongue: :cheers:


Not that I wish to be totally negative, but I am curious how the count is worked out.  If you look at the member list the first 9 pages of members (out of 21 pages) have zero post count, which I assume means they’re either unregistered or awaiting activation.  The next 6 pages (approximately) have less than 10 posts.  

Which means of the apprx 60% of people posting, only about 60% have more than 10 posts (around 360 people).  If you took 100 posts or more as an indication of ‘active posters’, it’s only about 160 people.

Still, that means we have a REALLY dedicated following to generate such a post count overall.  All this considering its for a forum that doesn’t have a proper armybook!  Amazing really.

Thommy H:

I’ve said before that this is the best Warhammer forum around, and I stand by that. Just a quick surf around even the Chaos Star (and not to denigrate our brethren at all…) shows you that this is by far the most active of the four. The general genial attitude, the camaraderie, the spirit of enterprise and innovation of this place all makes it one of my favourite places on the internet.

I do wonder how much of that is due to Chaos Dwarfs not having an Army Book sometimes though… if we were all btchng about our army getting nerfed by a new book it might not be so much fun. Because we have so few snippets of information to cling too, any mention of Chaos Dwarfs seems like a positive step, and we’re happy to embrace different interpretations of what already exists because there’s so little of it.

Anyway, cynicism off, and congratulations to the community for this huge milestone.


I’m really hoping the only difference when we get an armybook is that our member count will douple or triple. It would be really great to keep our forum attitude, as I think it’s serving us very well as a small forum, but it may take some getting used to having hundreds more people here. The staff will be really busy then, extra portions of cake all round!


My thinking is that it would be a nice problem to have Grim.

One thing I always try to do as a staff member is read as much as I can whenever any member posts. Usually I associate a post(s) with an avatar, so if you dont have one, get one! As we get larger obviously that becomes tougher and tougher to remember everyone. One of the things that has always bothered me is on larger sites with snotty staff members who could care less and are less then welcoming. Another trait would be if your not one of the “in” members your not worth the time. One of the things that makes CDO great is the staff is the opposite (this predates me becoming a staff member, :wink: and the fact the community is so welcoming.

I say it all the time and I’ll say it again, prior to joining CDO. I never had a “home” on the web, now, I’m home! :slight_smile:


wohoo I am the 1000th member!


Have a few slaves in recognition.

Kera foehunter:

wow i missed this !! well everyone thanks for being a member

now lets raid willmark liquor cabnet!!!


I see you have moved to Singapore now?


Have a few slaves in recognition.

thank you :)