[Archive] [1-18-2009] Amdor's Grudgehammers


First of all - hi guys, It’s my first post on forum, so… Let’s begin:

First of all I’m quite a newbie in CD business, and my current model count of disciples of Hashut is wip Hellcannon and three crewman, but I got some inspiration and willingness for building an army.

I hope, that You may help me with some ideas for converting stuff.

My target build will be something like this (using Indy book)

Heroes and such:

Overlord on Taurus

Overlord on Foot

2-3 Daemon Smiths

High Priest of Hashut

Army BSB

Core Units:

2x 20 Warriors or so

2 Eruption Guns

2x 15 Annihilators

40 slaves strong Rabble

Special Units:

10 Hobgoblin Sneaky Gitz (or two such units)

2x Death Rocket

2x Spear Chukka

20 Obsidian Guardians




First thing on my list are Warriors - thanks to Xanders youtube tutorial it shouldn’t be a problem. (You can expect photos next week).


- Army BSB

- 10 Warriors

Currently I’m thinking what model to use for the Great Taurus. I’m thinking about Reaper Brass Bull (MiniWarGaming Merch Shop - Dice, Magnets, and More! ) with some wings.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Your plan sounds very ambitious!

I´m curious to see your first efforts! What paint scheme will you use? In what style will you convert your CDs?

I like the Reaper Brass Bull! Someone here at CDO made a Taurus of this mini! I just cannot remember who it was …

And for more ideas look in the different showcase and army blog threats!

So go on and post your minis!



What paint scheme will you use? In what style will you convert your CDs?
About paint scheme - I still haven't decide. Some will be masked and some with helmets.

Here is my first try (sadly not as good as I want it to be) with symmetrical(ish) armour pattern (guess I'll be making one unit with symmetrical, and one with brick pattern), and chain "beard protector".

And here is WIP of my Eruption Gun (will be handled by a Dwarf)

Still there are things to learn and improve.


Great start Amdor, is the hammer head a magazine box from a storm bolter ? If so that works really well :slight_smile: i am looking forward to seeimg more of your stuff on the site soon :slight_smile:


eruption gun is nice, not tempted to make it walk by its self?


Yeah, SB magazine looks good enough ;]

eruption gun is nice, not tempted to make it walk by its self?

Tempted, and now it has some more nurgle-looking mutation on stabilizer, but still there will be handler ;p just walking gun and it’s friend.

I’m currently working on Warrior Banner (Simply CSM Vehicle Glyph with face-in-pain + some horns - maybe it will be finished today - anyway photos will arrive up to Sunday night (In Poland ;] )

Kera foehunter:

love your mask ! and cool hammers


So - my walking +1CR ;]

Sadly i run out of marauder/catachan arms, and there will be some waiting for re-supply (thanks to my friend ;p ).

Amdor, log out


Yeah, SB magazine looks good enough ;]
eruption gun is nice, not tempted to make it walk by its self?

.....but still there will be handler ;p just walking gun and it's friend.

Lol, i do like the idea of it having a guy to 'look after it' but more in a drunken friend kinda way.

Kera foehunter:

nice love the staff guy

Wow !! omg !! the face in the staff look like my majic mirror guy !!

the one i talk to after i put on my make up !!!


Great looking standard :), is he a unit standard or a battle standard bearer ?


Unit standard, for BSB I’ve got Evil idea ;]

I hope friend will give me hands in a few days, and maybe I won’t fail my Last Chance Exam (I hate Tourism Law…) - if so, there will be photo of done unit of ten in no more than 7 days ;]


Great i cant wait to see this evil standard bearer :slight_smile: best of luck with you exam :slight_smile:


Exam passed, time for update:

This is quick drawing of my future BSB - Giggles (or maybe something different, but I still love Order of the Stick):

He will be mounted on disk handled by two snots, or some goblinoid slaves (but snots would fit on single 20mm base) chained to disk.

For shield he will have Storm Shield from new Space Wolves box. Bearing Slapstick of Painful Knowledge and Banner of Hashut.

His mask will be not-so-happy daemon face. Oh and diamond scale pattern (I’ll try ;p )

Border Reiver:

Love the concept - I vote for the more angular shield. Just make it at least a 2x6 for the Slapstick of Painful Knowledge - so that it looks really impressive.


The standard bearer face reminds me of the gnome king from Return To Oz :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I have to say I love the hammers - I’m thinking that those hammer heads might be converted from 40k Bolter drum magazines? The hammers just grabbed me as they really seemed to set up the rest of the conversion. Great stuff! I can’t wait for more. I am also taken by the standard/icon - a nice simple but characterful piece of work. :hat off


I’m back (ish) ;]

My friend was lost somewhere in his life, so I bought myself 4 marauder plastic frames (3 times flail frame, and one with command) and in addition one of imperial mage frames in my fav store (sellout).

In Addition i found two perfect snots for army BSB ^^

Wait a few days for results.

Border Reiver:

We demand results now - or at least beer and pizza while we wait.


Yes show us more pictures!! (:
And dammit Border Reiver now I’m hungry for pizza.

Anyways, dont you want any Bull centaurs in your army?
I personally think they are the best CD unit ever… (but I’m a converted vanilla dwarf player so that might be the cause)
And beer…