[Archive] 1/35 resin model bulls (conversion fodder)




I’ve ordered up 6 of these, and we’ll see if I can’t make bull centaurs of them.


I went for 3 in the end … in the event they turn out Great Taurus sized! :o


these bulls look great. if you could post pics to show scale once you get them, i would be eternally grateful!


It’s a good looking model, but I’d just prefer if the legs were a bit “meatier”, if you know what I mean. I’ll probably end up getting one or two anyway, at that price. Thanks for sharing this find with us.


Wow, they do look good at least…

@Grim: Give us some pics once you have it in your possession! :slight_smile:


Just keep in mind/be aware that these are illegal Chinese recasts.

Not saying don’t order them anyway, just be aware of it. :wink:


1/35 scale makes the model how large?


Recasts of what?

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Don’t know. But I know the seller, and he ONLY sells recasts. Look at his other items … :wink:


Maybe you could make some K’daii, or a Destroyer with them?



If they are recasts, dosen’t that make them illegal? and anyway with the p+p, its actually more expensive than GW (the people that have all your money!)


If they are recasts, dosen't that make them illegal?

Theoretically yes. Don't know what the legal stuff is with them doing it in China.
and anyway with the p+p, its actually more expensive than GW (the people that have all your money!)
Really? It seemed awefully cheap to me, but myabe I didn't look closely enough ...


but where do you live cos here in the UK for the ork commandos from the ebay the postage is more than the product and the sanguinior is more with p/p than gw. and cos theyr’e recasts, I cant use them in gw so they are basically a good idea but not good in practice.


Situated in Germany. For me, it says 3 Dollars Australian for international shipping for the bull. Surely, that is not too much?


Mine arrived thismorning!

Test mini has been assemled and smoothed in, I really quite like it. From the profile iit looks quite like an assyrian shedu illustration, it towers over the old one as you can see and is definitely a monstrous beast on the 50mm base.

at the moment, i have hacksawed off the back quarter of a scibor moscal and pinned it to the bull body, used putty to blend the body in, gap filled and created a great weapon from styrene rod and a black orc great axe. I was going to put a shield on the gut ala ogres, but I think instead that I will just recreate the classical bull centaur armour from the old model/new art to cover some of his front and flanks, doing the old armour strip down the back and around the tail.

I have an epic army to paint before the 26th for Cancon, right after that I will properly build the unit.


I really like the way that looks; it blends really well!

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Am I correct that it is a bit too big for the base?  Will they rank up??

Grimbold Blackhammer


yes it hangs forward a little but the back of the base is sparse; it would be simple to rank them up by design


Here’s how I’m ranking them up (a bit herd like)


They look a bit like a dancing troupe. :wink: