[Archive] 1,500 ork army list


Hey all! I decided to make a simple ork army list, for use tomorrow. I wanted to get your opinion.

HQ: Ghazghkull/ daemon of mork- 225

Big mek Wotzutt Gribble bum- 130

-Shokk attack gun, or, the meks "Mega zappin’ Rodd’ "




8 kommandos- 180



20 boyz- 160


-pk -bp

20 boyz- 160

as above

5 mega nobz- 200

Da bosses speshul wagon-140

-4 big shootaz

-ard case




Fast attack:

2 war buggies- 60

(These are meat shields)

heavy support:

Gunwagon- 155

-4 big shootas


-ard case

-armour plates


Big Gunz- 97


-3 lobbaz

-4 extra krew

Total- 1497

The plan is to have a solid core of boyz, to take a few rounds, and move up. The boss and his wagon will find cover, and then strike dead in the heart, hopefully getting locked in combat. When the 40 boyz gets close, ill use my waaagh!. the gunwagon, mek, and big gunz will provide massive amounts of cover fire. Ill use buggies to stay near the bosses wagon, thus ensuring that he dosnt take a scratch. Each wagon has 4 big shooters, or, 12 S5 AP5 R36 shots! Comments?


The buggies are in no way a meat shield. Why not sawp them for Grotz?

Your Gunwagon is excessive in firepower considering the lack of Boyz. I’d drop it for another basic mob.


Well, the buggies just need to follow the boss’s wagon, in case there is a large threat of anti tank