[Archive] [10-25-2007] (minor edit) Chaos Dwarf Beginnings


Ok, having started awhile ago, then coming back now with an actual goal, I’ve finally started painting rank and file.

Due to this I think I may be elevated to the point of making an army blog, as I hope in the end of this (before Christmas, tourney is after christmas!), to have a nice, tabletop (nothing special, not a very good painter) viable army.

And the list!

40 CD Warriors (dwarf warriors from BFSP)

30 Blunderbussiers (waiting for BWbits delivery to finish these guys conversion)

10 Bull Centaurs (Waiting for money to purchase the horse parts)

40 Hobgoblins (normal goblins from BFSP)

40 Hobgoblin Archers (or 20 archers, 20 gitz)

2 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerors (Conversions done for the models)

Chaos Dwarf Sorceror Lord (Conversion done, but need to make his 40mmx60mm unit filler :slight_smile: )

Chaos Dwarf Battle Standard Bearer (Waiting for BWbits)

Chaos Dwarf Lord (Waiting for BWbits)

Centaur Lord (Waiting for BWbits)

Death Rocket x 2 (Waiting for GW)

Bolt Thrower x 2 (Waiting for GW)

Earthshaker (Have a Hellcannon primed and waiting for the caress of the brush)

Anyway, a long list with alot waiting to arrive, but I can start with the hobbos and CD Warriors. Naturally I started with the masters.

Very quickly painted, lots of cleaning needed, but keeping all my PaintWillpower for completing models. They’ll look good in big blocks together :slight_smile:

Will work on posting a few WIP and conversion works in a short while.

Edit: And here are two! Realised my blunderbussiers, without the BWbits delivery dont look different enough yet to post. :frowning:

The 3 Sorcerors, level 2 metal, level 4 random, level 2 fire.

Annoyingly my flash washed out all detail with the throne. But it is a normal throne, just surrounded by skulls. Hopefully I will have a 40x60mm block with this on, with the sorceror infront of it, but removable. This comes from the stonification process casting for centuries causes unto the Sorceror Lord. It will be on a 40x80mm base, carried by goblin slaves with two CD in front (one to represent unit champ, one to represent where the Sorceror is)This will be a massive unit filler, just because it’ll make doing my Immortals quicker. Oops, there are no Immortals here. Ignore that. >>


looking alright, nice fairly clean paint jobs. But the warriors lack the basic curly beards me thinks, I really like your sorcereors though, there ogre face plates are cool :slight_smile:


Aye, the sad thing is due to how long it took me to do the beards on my test models 5 months ago, I decided not to do them:sad . This way I wont get burnt out and disheartened by it all, I’m relatively weak in will power :slight_smile:

Plus I have a time limit to get it all done by, and I’m often slow so I’m not taking the chance.


Don’t get disheatened with the beards, they get quicker and easier the more practice you get. If you get really bored, you could try sticking one piece of GS on the model, then sculpt the individual curly locks of beards into that.


A small update. Was cleaning my room to allow space on my worktop to model on, and after mostly just shoving stuff off I had room. Naturally I stopped cleaning to do a bit of minor modelling.

I decided to prep my Hellcannon/Earthshakers base, and also start on my Sorceror Lords bearers:

I then cut up the gobbos are the appropriate parts, wasn’t -too- careful, they were being covered up by their load soon enough. Once they’d dried, I put the load on top, along with the lord, and put some warriors on either side for a ranking test.

Once I have a boxed set of Dwarf Warriors, I intend to create the unit which this is going to -always- be deployed with, plus putting two extra armoured CD’s infront of the goblins and the throne, one which will be designated as the Lord Represent, and the other will probably be the unit champion.


well I suppose I can’t force you to sculpt beards :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway the shield bearer idea looks intresting, keep it up


well I suppose I can't force you to sculpt beards :P Anyway the shield bearer idea looks intresting, keep it up

I will be for one unit ;)

Edit: Or I hope too, after looking at the models.

Chaos prince:

Liked your CD’s but i think you should paint some more highlights on the models:exclamation:


Hmmm looks like thrones and bearers are starting to get popular around these parts! Good job with it.


Finished a full regiment of Chaos Dwarf warriors this weekend, but didn’t post it till I finished painting Mr.Happy.

The warriors:

Then, Mr. Happy. Only a 4 hour job so not brilliant, but it looks alright I think :hat off

Very nice model to paint actually :slight_smile: , just …excuse the pun, hell to put together. In picture two you can see the prong with a skull on fire, really poor at flame, no idea how to do it. Think it turned out ok, in a cartoonish way :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

Great job on the chaos cannonMrdw

I might have to get one now


Everyone should have one. It’s a learning experience to build. :hat off

Anyway, nothing really painted today, but finally my GW order arrived so I assembled my bolt throwers (orc/goblin spear chukkas) and death rockets (ork kannons and ork stormboyz backrockets).

Also note the red fel orc arrer boy above the squabblin’ mass of his fellows. Gonna paint my orcs red to tie in with the overall colour theme of my army.


Awesome work on the Hellcanonnon there my friend, I’ll be intregued to see how the death rockets turn out


Interesting take on the Death Rockets; get them painted already!


Sadly the death rockets must wait till next week, bit tired of painting, and the next few days my nieces and sister come to stay for a month.

Luckily next week is half term so it’s painting galore.

However when I’m not painting, I do end up making models to see what happens. Result of this is my army now has a battle standard bearer.

I am hoping I’ll have time tomorrow to add a beard to it(I’d like my combat heros to have the beards at least, and the Immortals), will see tomorrow if I can hide from everyone and do it.

Edit: realised something about the old model, no weapon >> So had to redo it. Removed the old shield arm, put a new one in and a shield, and an axe. I know I cant use a shield and BSB, but I usually give my BSB the 1+ armour so it helps represent.


Keep it up dude, I am loving this stuff. :slight_smile:


So what exactly is the rocket on those Death Rockets?


So what exactly is the rocket on those Death Rockets?

It is one of the Stormboyz rocket backpacks. The rest is just an ork kannon.