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Hi there,

I finally got some conversions to show around. As you will see, I am not that much into hats, rather helmets and chainmail-scarves. (Or whatever these things are called.)

I would be happy if some of you could give me some feedback on those.

My first Blunderbusses


a close-up


and from the other side


Comments, anyone?

:hat off

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Look promising, however might I reccomend that rather than GSing the ends of the blunderbusses, you use the bucklers from the thunderer sprue instead, look forward to seeing more :).


...rather than GSing the ends of the blunderbusses, you use the bucklers from the thunderer sprue instead...

Or if your feeling really ambitious, Xander has a video guide on making molds from green stuff.��Just find a piece you really like as a blunderbuss end and mass produce!��(though I'm not suggesting any kind of copyright infringements :o)

Great looking models though, I like the chainmail masks.

Ghrask Dragh:

Chainmail looks awesome, nice to something a bit different. I thought it would be good to carry the chainmail around to the back, like they put a hood of it on before their helms if you know what I mean? mind you it’s prob’ just because I don’t like the little flaps at the back of the helms! just personal preference though (I don’t have many good things to say about the new dwarf sprues :)). I think the bucklers make it easier to do the blunderbuss nosle but yours look fine as they are so don’t worry too much about that.

You’ve had a great idea here Cotter, will the other warriors be the same? looking forward to the rest of army! :cheers


Thanks for the tip with the bucklers. I�ll be looking around if I find someone who is not using his. But for know, I have run out of musketeers to convert anyway.

So, next on this blog will be Cotters Chaos Dwarf Warriors. And yes, I am planning to carry on with the chainmail-mask on those, too. I hope with a bit of practice, I will be able to get the boundaries of the chainmail looking a bit better, as I am not yet really satisfied with them. Especially the transition from mask to beard is a bit critical.

I will try the “chain-hood-on-the-back” idea with some of the little buggers and post some pics here,

Thanks so far, always open for more ideas,

:hat off


I agree with all above that the chainmail is a cool idea, and actually I think you’ve done a fantastic job with the gs blunderbuss barrels. However, as Xander is fond of saying, you may want to try using a little bit less green stuff, that may help with delineating boundaries too (especially if you do one section at a time, and wait for it to dry before adding another). I look forward to seeing more of your work!


Hi everyone,

I managed to get some more evil stunties done. Have a look, and feel free to comment!

I have tried to pay attention to some of your comments, and I guess these guys are quite a bit better than the first lot.

My warriors:



another angle:


enjoy, I am waiting for some comments!


…later these days I will try to post some pictures of my converted heroes, the BFSP-Slayer and the thane.


There great look forward to seeing them painted ,nice work lines look clean to me


And here some pics of mydynamic duo:

The firemage/slayer. Looks a bit more like some weird prophet of the wilderness, but anyhow:



and the hero. Just a quite basic conversion to have the model matched with the warriors’ style. Any suggestions for a little more chaos-dwarf-ish details?


Ghrask Dragh:

You have some very cool conversions!

There is a big improvment in the scale mail armour, I’m really liking the chainmail face guards!

More good work Cotter :cheers

Pyro Stick:

Awesome work in there. Cant wait to see them painted.


Thanks a lot, guys.

I�m quite buisy working at the moment, but I�ll try to do a bit of painting this coming weekend. So, expect some pictures on sunday or monday!

Also, I am thinking of including some Ogre Ironguts into the army. Basically as substitutes for bull-centaurs, because I somehow don�t like them. Can�t really pin down why though…

I was thinking about chainmail-hoods and dreadlock-beards for the big guys, too. Not to much armour, because I really like their “I�m a big fat greasy ogre”-style.


Looking good man! I’d try to round out the beards a bit more with a horizontal indent:

From this:


To this:



Awesome work so far! You’ll have an army in no time at this rate! :slight_smile:


I was thinking about chainmail-hoods and dreadlock-beards for the big guys, too. Not to much armour, because I really like their "I�m a big fat greasy ogre"-style.

Don't forget for the Ogres: "Hey I have big flabby man boobs to boot" ;)


Here you go, lords and ladies, by popular demand I feel obliged to present to you:

My first painted Chaos Dwarfes!

Some of you might be reminded of the great work various other members of this great community have shared with us before. Thanks to all you truly inspirational modellers, may you never not have enough time for your hobby!

Ok, enough of the nice words, here arer my dwarfs. I�m not be best modeller, and for shure am a lousy painter, but I hope you get the idea… :wink:




The blunderbusses:


The CD-Hero:




and finally,the firemage (kind of a weirdo thou, but please notice the elaborate detailwork on the buttcrack… :sick)



next will be some (hob)goblins from BfSP (all 60 of them),and some Ogre Leadbelchers…


Very pleasing indeed.


Cool ,nice work i prefer the darker beards on the blunders than those on the warriors:hat off

Kera foehunter:

wow i like the guns .the chain mail rocks!!


Very very nice :slight_smile: I am impressed. Looking forward to seeing an army of these. Great job mate.

- Tallhat