[Archive] 1000 p works nice


My army list 1000 p

hero GW , armour of gazrtah

LVL 2 mage

19 warriors shields flag, champ

14 blunderbussers flag

20 hobos, shields

20 hobos, la and shields fullcommand

10 hobos, bows



as i said i think this list works fine and is well balanced

feel free to comment


why not remove the champ and get a 3+ rank bonus

(talking about the group of 19)

Border Reiver:

Looking at your list, I would probably drop the banner and champion from the hobgoblin unit and put a musician in my CD warrior units. Despite the high Ld they have, they still have an annoying tendency to book and run, and the oportunity to rally them on a 10 or 11 is worth the points IMO.


Agree with all earlier comments. I am always an advocate of two bolt throwers, and a 10 man slave unit to head for a corner and take a board quarter instead.

I am more of a bull centaur guy myself over the shaker. If the shaker blows-up, you are out 110 points. The bolt throwers don’t blow-up, another perk. The smaller the game then emptier the field tends to be and the less likely the shaker is to shake and slow things down.