[Archive] 1000 point Karak Eight Peaks Themed Army List

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Hi everyone!

I got the new Dwarf Army book and was reading all the stories of Karak Eight Peaks and I thought I would make a new 1000 point army list based on the close quarters fighting tactics of these Dwarfs in their quest to regain the mountain from the Orcs and Skaven invaders.

I will be building this army soon for my store, monster Hobbies to play against the regular players who also have Skaven and O&G armies.

Please let me know what you think.

To start off with, I was originally going to use Belegar Ironhammer, but his 305 point cost was a little too high, IMHO, for this list. Instead, I created my own hero and gave him some nice “Eight Peaks” items from the Ancestral Runes and Runic Talisman lists. Also, he will be joined by a unit of Dwarfs from Clan Helhein and The Norgrimlings Clan, who are also trying to reclaim Eight Peaks. (Belegar will join the army when we move up to the 1500-2000 point range)

Hero : Thane Stromni Kimrilsnev (Raised by his Uncle) - 143 points