[Archive] 1000 pts army (interim)


This is the first CD attempt since I restarted playing after BFSP. It is a standard list, not aiming to a unique target.

Chaos Dwarf Hero: (General) Great Weapon, Armour of Gazrakh 94

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer: Magic Level 2, Lore of Fire,  Dispel Scroll 125

20 Chaos Dwarf Warriors: Heavy Armour, Shield, Standard 190

16 Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss: Blunderbuss, Heavy Armour, Standard 202

25 Hobgoblins: Shield, Standard 85

25 Hobgoblins: Shield, Standard 85

10 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders: Light Armour, Shield, Standard, Musician 150

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower 30

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower 30

Total 991

Regardless of the remaining 9 pts, there’s a lot of possible options, but my main idea is to have big blocks. 1000 pts don’t allow to perform many strategy like small great weapon units for support, cheap slave units, etc. But these 5 units can perform well and support each other.

Before I go to battle I’ll post the final list and how do I pretend it to work.


Auretious Taak:

Well 32 views and almost a month later with no actual feedback or comments, must seem disheartening to you Gabbo, so here’s a response:

You are playing at 1,000pts. I’ve played innumerable games at this level just none with CD’s, but plenty against dwarfs, most with Night Goblins and most I’ve won against them. You need to focus on one or two aspects of the game and make sure you are forcing the enemy to react to you. If you face Dwarfs, your magic is almost cancelled outright at this level, infact most 1,000pt armies will take a scroll caddy at level 1 purely to eliminate the majority of the opponents magic, so if you are taking magic, take 2 level 2 sorcerers and complement them with more magic enhancing abilities, ie power stones. You don’t need a Dispel scroll with 2 sorcerers and 4 dispel dice floating around. The General can get away with Heavy Armour, a Shield and a Great Weapon then in a unit of CD Warriors. I notice that you have alot of standards and few musicians. Standards represent 100 VP’s for an opponent and focusing on taking out your Hobgoblins by chipping away at them from range then engaging them in combat with enough forces to break them means that the blocks of 25 with standards are gonna represent the weak point in your lines. Perhaps a unit with Light armour and shields and a musician thrown in would be much better maybe even consider the champion. I’d take 2 units of 10 Hobgobs with hand weapons as cheap support to the main block of CD’s also as the CD’s won’t run if the Hob gobs run and each unit is 20pts only but can be vital in a charge to counter an enemies rank bonus outright witha flank charge not to mention the bonus’s to the combat resolution from there. The Wolf Riders…there’s only 1 unit of them, yes there are 10 (damned large minimum numbers!) but then again that means they will last longer and being they have a 4+ save and are fast cavalry they should do well. Again, I’d consider a champion as this is one of your more powerful units and can set itself up to get behind the enemy lines and charge stuff in the rear as your main blocks engage, and yes this includes multiple enemy units as 10 wolf riders in a single row can engage quite a few enemies…

Does this help? Have you played any games yet? How did they go if so? Let us all know.

Auretious Taak.