[Archive] 1000k list help


Hey guys, I was stumbling around War Seer and found the link here.
I was a fan of CD’swhen I first started playing WHFB/40K, but my gaming group was 40k junkies so my poor little guys were sold off.
Now im totally geeked with the discovery here.
The group I game with now is planning a small tourney of 1000 points.

Im not looking for a uber slaughter list but some recommendations on types of units, unit size, etc. I have been out of WHFB for quite awhile. I just piked up about 50 dwarf warriors, but need some direction so I can concentrate on getting a hold of enough figs so I can represent some CD’s.

Thanks for your input. :cheers


Well, if it’s just a group of friends, then I highly recommend downloading the Indy GT list for the chaos dwarfs. The Indy list provides much more diversity and options for the army. If you choose to go the Ravening Hordes route, then have a look at some of the lists here in this forum, you will see that there are only a few viable list builds in a competitive setting, even one that’s just a bunch of friends getting together to throw down.

Either way, the next thing on your list of things to acquire should be the earth shaker, or bull centaurs if using the Indy list.

Good luck, and please post how it goes.