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So my buddy is designing a campaign/series of skirmishes and i figure i will use this platform to debut the official Chaos Dwarf list (especially since we are going to play a battle with the dwarven airship from the rule book) vand have come up with the following.

“Legion of Emanon” 999pts

Deamonsmith Sorcerer: Emanon the Forsaken 155pts


Level 2 Wizard (lore of fire or death)

dispel scroll

15 Infernal Guard “The Lost”




Deathmask with pistol

15 Infernal Guard “The Forgotten”

(Same as above)

Magma Cannon "Thought"

Magma Cannon "Memory"

I am wondering if i should drop the magma cannons for death shriekers , the fireglaives for great weapons, and the dispel scroll for a better protected wizard.

All in all, i am thinking this army will play, and pardon me for saying this, dwarf style. Sitting back and having as many shooting phases as possible, absorb the charge, hopefully hold, and sweep the enemy off the board.

Any input would be most welcome as i am worried that this army is going to get picked apart before it is able to do anything of real use, but i figure at 1000pts it will be a troublesome army to deal with; though i may be talking out of my bum in these regards.


great weapons arent worth it, you cant use your shield in combat, so you are paying to make your survivable unit less survivable. I know that you cant use them with fireglaives either, but atleast you get to shoot and strike at I order


but atleast you get to shoot and strike at I order

fireglaive ahooting is not really something spectacular for its points.
in addition we are talking about dwarves which means thy will strike last in most cases anyway.


So tomorrow is the big debut of the Uzkul-Dhrath Zharr in my playing circle and it will be a skirmish involving the Thunder Barge from the rule book and what ever other points my buddy has remaining vs my Legion of Azgorh 1000pt list.

I decided that i should change my list so it will be able to deal with the attrition that is going to be able to come my way. So here it is, please let me know what you all think.

“The Advance Rocketeer Division” Legion of Azgorh 999pts

Deamonsmith Sorcerer: Ez’rok Blackheart 125pts

Level 1 Wizard (lore of fire)

Enchanted Shield (or charmed shield)

Ruby Ring of Ruin

Deamonsmith Sorcerer: Kryth’uar the Adamant 125pts

Level 1 Wizard

Talisman of Endurance

15 Infernal Guard 280pts


Standard Bearer (Gleaming Pennant)


33 Hobgoblin Cuthrouts 169pts



1 Death Shrieker Rocket Launcher 100pts

1 Death Shrieker Rocket Launcher 100pts

1 Death Shrieker Rocket Launcher 100pts

Essentially, i am hoping that he wins deployment (haven’t won one in a long time) and deploys first. I will set up as far away as possible and focus all my rocket shots (demolition) on the Thunder Barge and hopefully bring it down before the 5 organ guns open up on me.

The Hobgoblins will act as a meat shield that will also throw down, or up is what i guess i should be saying, fire. They will also provide cover for the Infernal Guard that will act as the last line of defense as well as hopefully mop up any ground forces he has on the table.

The Deamonsmiths will of course hover around the Death Shriekers and ensure i don’t blow myself up, hopefully, and get to re-roll scatter dice. I tend to hit about 3/5 of the time with a hellcannon so am hoping that ju ju translates over to the Rockets.

i know i am depending a lot on my war machines, but i cannot charge the thing so my only hope is to shoot it down or pray it misfires itself to death. Anyway, let me know if it is sound or a recipe for disaster and thanks for the input.

Lava Lord:

:slight_smile: It is a interesting list. Just wondering why not take a magma cannon and two shreikers? That would give you another option to deal with his and other ground forces before they reach ya. Just a thought. Let us know how it goes, cheers :cheers


I have been playing 1000pt games with one magma cannon and one death shrieker (i have a post here somewhere). I find that the magma cannon is well worth it’s points. It works so well I’m starting to feel like a nob because at that points level it just kills everything. I think If I took 2, I won’t have anybody wanting to play me. If I don’t take any then I think I might struggle. I’d be interested to see how your list goes!


so my buddy and i played the game today. i played my second list and he played his dwarf list that looked something like this.

Two thunder barges at 500pts each.

(We decided each barge had 3 organ guns and a pilot, besides that we played with the description in the rule book).

It was over in 2 turns. He went first and demolished my hobgoblin unit. On my turn i did nothing with magic and went on to get 2 direct hits out of three with the demolition charges wounded with both of them and caused 4 then 5 wounds.

On turn 2 his other thunder barge advanced and misfired twice so yeah for me, he got good results on both rolls and didn’t cause any wound to himself. I went on to cause two wounds between my two deamonsmiths casting fireball 3 times between them (ruby ring of ruin is cool). On the next shooting phase i got one direct hit and 2 really good scatters with the demolition rockets that stayed in contact with his base (used the 100x150 base) and failed to wound with one and got 2 then 3 wounds.

Game was over after that and my buddy and i had an hour long debate as to whether or not chaos dwarfs were an official army and how they shouldn’t be better than the dwarfs and a bunch of other jazz. We are going to play a 2000pt battle tomorrow in which he will be Bretonnia and i will debut magma cannons.

So all in all it was an awesome debut. He destroyed the Hobgoblin unit down to 3 models and dropped the Infernal Guard unit to 10. all in all,No misfires, no miscasts, and not to many casualties (at least of the stuff that counts) i feel that Hashut will be pleased.