[Archive] [11-06-2009] Deragorh's Hellcannon Dawi'Zharr Army


I�?Tm a traditional Big Hatter, and most of my models are of that era; however I love the vibe of the Hellcannon crew. As I have been able to collect a number of Hellcannon crew models I am planning on putting together a small Hellcannon themed army.

At the moment I have about 32 Hellcannon shovel handlers (“shovelers”) that I got off a guy last year. He was in the process of converting them to Blunderbuss with thunderer or imperial guns in one hand and random hand weapons in the other. I�?Tm not too sure about this, below are some pics showing some of the models he made up (The ones I have do not have any weapons attached yet).



how the heck did you get so many?

Kera foehunter:

Wow like ryan said how did you get so many!!!

i only have 3 of them guys Lucky !!!

Thommy H:

At the moment I have about 32 Hellcannon shovel handlers ("shovelers") that I got off a guy last year.

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Both options sound good to me, Deragorh. I like the look of the blunderbuss guys quite a lot actually, but I agree that you should keep some as regular warriors for variety.


Last year there was a guy from near where I live selling about 120 of the models on ebay; 4 lots of 16 with bitz for conversion to blunderbuss, about 50 with bitz for warriors and 2 Hellcannons. I won 2 of the blunderbuss lots.

Looking back I was too focused on the Hellcannons (which I ended up not winning) I should have been bidding for the crew. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Kera foehunter:

well anyway you did great !! i can’t wait to see more



First pics! My bitz arrived and I’ve just blu-taced them on to see how it looks. The weapons are from scavvie gang members from Necromunda or Marauder warriors, the shoulder pads are from Chaos Space Marines and the shields from Marauders. The plan is to greenstuff some scale mail on the backs but I need to get some practice first.

Feedback and comments welcome.

Also, is there a way to move this thread to the conversions section or should I re-post?


if you ask one of the mods they should be able to thread moved to the blogs section.

Those bits you added have given those models a whole new look and feel to the dawi zharr warriors. This is going to be one seriously mean looking chaos dwarf army. May have to borrow some ideas for some of my other units.

Excellent blend and use of the 40k, necromunda and marauder bits. Looking forward to seeing paint on these. Have you had any trouble getting them to rank up at all?


They look really heavy and determined… Looking forward to see a full unit of these. :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

your off to a good start !! they look very cd !!you did a good job on them


Awesome :slight_smile:

I would use some different shoulder pads though, those just scream “space marines!” :wink:


That looks really good!

If you don’t mind me saying I think the axes are too big, you’d be better to cut a bit out and pin them down.  Unless of course you want to be able to do WYSIWYG great weapon warriors.

I will try and find the pics of my warrior/ HC crew conversions from the back as I added scales.

The shoulder pads will look good with the AoW model.  Do you have any plans what to do with them?


In the states they sold boxes of 10 hellcannon crew for a while I think.

Lord Archaon:

Wow it’s best Hellcannon crew conversion i’ve ever seen! How are you going to paint them btw?


Thanks everyone.

@ apocalypstia - the warriors with left-handed weapons don’t rank up well. However right-handed weapons rank up perfectly. Not sure if the picture is clear but the shield fits in a gap in the gauntlet.


@ Khunag - any suggestions on different shoulder pad bitz? As the base models are all the same I�?Tm all for ways to differentiate them.

@ Grimstonefire - I agree, that axe is too big for a dwarf and will be cut down. What are other sources of chaos dwarf type hand weapons?  

I did notice your scale mail champion and standard bearer in a warrior unit. Clearer pictures would be more than welcome.

The shoulder pad sporting warriors will be the AoW Hero�?Ts guard. The blunderbuss which will probably be similarly attired will be guarding a sorcerer �?" still need to check how that ranks up.

@ Lord Archon - How am I going to paint them? I’m not sure yet. I’ve gone through most of the threads in the gallery section and put together a �?ostyle guide�?� to give me ideas. I prefer a dark palette with minimal highlights so the model isn�?Tt too busy. The Hellcannon crew paintjobs I�?Tm liking alot at the moment are Ishkur�?Ts,  Thommy H�?Ts, Kahn�?Ts and Grimstonefire�?Ts. I probably won�?Tt decide until the armour is greenstuffed and the main bitz are in place.


@ Khunag - any suggestions on different shoulder pad bitz? As the base models are all the same I�?Tm all for ways to differentiate them.
Hmm... how about those from Chaos Knights? Or maybe some of these:



Great work Deragorh, they are look great cant wait to see some more soon :slight_smile: