[Archive] 1500 All comers (sort of)


Hi guys,

I’m playing a couple of games this sunday, we decided to go for 1500pts so we don’t take too long for each game.

I find it a hard points level to compose a list for, and I also have very little experience with Chaos Dwarfs so far, so I hope to get the opinion of some more bearded Dawi Zharr on my army.

My opponents will be…

-Empire (he mostly brings a big block of spearmen and one or two blocks of knights, he also likes demigryphs)

-Warriors of Chaos (no idea what he will bring)

-Daemons of Chaos (very variable army composition, but there’s usually a soulgrinder somewhere, and I expect one or two Skull Cannons now)

My list:


-Sorcerer Prophet lvl 3 (will choose lore based on the opponent I face, though I’m partial towards Hashut, just for fluff reasons) Only equipment is a pistol because I had some points to spare. - 270 pts


-Castellan BSB, mask of the furnace, shield - 197


-25 Infernal Guard, hw and shield, FC, Razor Banner - 382


-3 Bull Centaurs, FC, additional handweapon - 160

-Iron Daemon - 285

-2 Deathshriekers - 200

Nothing in rare.

Total of 1494 points.

Plan is to either castle, with all characters in the IG block, close to the warmachines, or leave the prophet near the rocket launchers and move the IG forward. BC on one flank, and the ID on the other, hoping to tarpit a more expensive unit and/or shoot something to bits.

BC would mainly be for chaff and flank charges. Didn’t give them GW, mainly for points. Also, I don’t think they will be able to hurt a knight bus anyway, and for chaff a bunch of S4 attacks might be more useful?

I’m in doubt if I should maybe take less IG and give them great weapons? I love that they would still have a 4+ AS.

I really wanted to also bring a Hellcannon, but I can’t squeeze it in there, and don’t want to give up my ID, as I feel like I’m learning how to use it.

So any critique is welcome, aswell as thoughts on what lore I should take.


Hi! First of all I wouldn’t bring both a BSB and a Prophet at 1500 pts. Don’t spend too much on character at this Point Level they are not worth it.

So I would just take 2 deamonsmith lev 1 fire (General enchanted shield, dispell scroll) and lev 2 death (ensorceled shield) maybe? You’ll have 1 reroll for each of your deathstriker rocket and good spells

Your core is ok just put the Ld Reroll banner and a few more IG with the Points left. If you want to Play the ID then give him the hellbound.

If you Play 3 Bull centaur then handweapon and shield is maybe better to be harder to kill. I would put them near the ID. They can do great Job to protect him and avoid him getting blocked by a fast cav.

With the Points left you could change a rocket for a Magma Canon in order to be more versatile and put a khan on wolf.

GL for your first fights with the Legion!


Thanks for the advice, Spencer. I took most of it to heart, but I don’t like leaving my BSB at home. I figured if I keep my warmachines close together, the DS can reroll misfires where necessary.

So here’s the new list, is it any better?

No lords


-BSB, shield - 132

-Daemonsmith, lvl 2, lore of fire - 130

-2x Khan on wolf, spear - 112


-27 IG, FC, Razor Banner - 406


-3 Bull Centaurs, FC, shields - 160

-1 Iron Daemon, Hellbound - 310

-1 Death Shrieker - 100

-1 Magma Cannon - 145

Total: 1495


This list looks much better! I would just take away the FC from the bull. A musician is enough in this case and remove the spear on the khan in order to bring a dispell scroll on your daemonsmith. And maybe switch the lore of fire for the lore of metal or death.


Consider lore of death too, you’re probably going to face nasty characters. If you aren’t going to pick a magic standard you should protect more your castellan to morph him in a good tank. Regarding your core it depends on your strategy: if you plan to kill the small but heavy enemy units with artillery and magic, then IG are great to face weak enemy core. If you plan to delete the big but weak units, hobgoblins are better than IG to block small enemy units with passive CR (ranks and steadfast). What’s the role of BCs in your list? I think 2 khans should be able to protect the ID from blocking, and with just an hand weapon BCs could have a hard day fighting lots of chaos and empire stuff, while weaker and bigger units could just be too big, like those spearmen (i don’t know deamons very much tough). Iron daemon will shine against chaos warriors, expecially if your opponent fields nurgle marked warriors, but care for cannons

edit: didn’t see spencer’s second answer. Yeah, metal would be great against chaos and expecially empire, with his 1+ armor saves


Yes, well the game format is taking more shape, it will be like this:

First game is free for all, Chaos Dwarfs vs Empire vs Daemons, so I’m having a hard time planning how I’m gonna be using my units.

Second game I would form an alliance with Empire against DoC and WoC, for that I think I’ll take my Dwarfs, because it makes more sense fluffwise.

My limited experience with CD tells me that goblins break way to easily and Infernal Guard are very hard to kill, so I think I’m going to keep them for core.

Lorewise, I thought fire would be better because of longer range for most spells, as I’ll be keeping my Daemonsmith back with the war machines.

I suppose Khans could prevent the ID from getting locked with an undesirable unit, but I would think only BC could actually help break a unit that has locked my ID in combat. I’m really just throwing stuff in my list that I think could be useful :s

EDIT: Changed my list up a bit: took out one khan so I could add a dispell scroll (I was at my limit for heroes), reduced the IG to 20 models and added 20 hobgoblins with additional handweapons. And I had some points left for a pistol on the DS.


As Rettile told you you’re going to face nasty character and I think you got pretty few counter to this… That’s why I would choose lore of death.

About the Hobo I prefer them with H&S. 5+/6++ make them harder to kill. If they stay in your Ld Bubble they can stay a few rounds against some opponents.