[Archive] 1500 CD first list,comments appreciated


My first army list with the wicked stunties. Any suggestions are gladly welcome:

Chaos dwarf hero:armour of gazrakh-sword of might 112

Chaos dwarf sorcerer: 2 dispel scrolls 150

20 warriors:full command-hand weapon/shield 210

20 warriors:full command-hand weapon/shield 210

12 warriors with blunderbuss 144

10 hobgoblin wolfriders:musician-bow 150

30 hobgoblins:full command-shield/light armour 154

24 sneaky gits:champion-musician 140

3 hobgoblin bolt throwers 90

earthshaker 110

1500 pts 4PD 3DD



downgrade the sorcerer to level 1, saving you 35 points, then pump those into the BBs, and your lord isn’t fast anyway, so swap the sword of might for a great weapon, and get even more BBs, giving you 16, and your lord will be stronger.


Same as Minty but also drop the musicians on the warriors and the gits that gives you 30 points you can use for another bolt thrower.


I might try to increase the CD units to 25 to allow for some casualties and still retain your 3 Ranks. I might drop the LA/Sheilds on the Hobbos, and possibly the command too, if necessary, to get the points for your CDs. Try to increase the number of BBs to 14 (+ Sorcerer for 15 [5x3]) or 17 (+ Sorcerer for 18


Ok,I will update the list as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot for the advice:)!!!

Well I think they could be a good flanking unit and I like them because I find them very good in the general Chaos Dwarf background theme.