[Archive] 1500 GD list, Hashut's Immortals

Dark Haven:

Hello eveyone!

Well, with my 2k list done and with me intending to go to Baltimore in a few months time, I need to get a GD list ready so that I get practice games in.��

Here’s my list:

Hashut’s Immortals

Sorceror “Erebus Gnar” - 150

w/ Level 2, Power Stone, Dispel Scroll, Lore of Fire

Chaos Dwarf Hero “Ishkur Zabrak” - 111

w/ Black Hammer of Hashut, Shield, Heavy Armor, General

18x Blunderbusses - 236

w/ Standard, Music

23x Chaos Dwarf Warriors - 237

w/ Full Command

25x Chaos Dwarf Warriors - 255

w/ Full Command

12x Chaos Dwarf Warriors - 132

w/ Great Weapons

20x Hobgoblins - 40

20x Hobgoblins - 40

20x Hobgoblins - 40

10x Hobgoblins - 50

w/ Bows

Earth Shaker - 110

3x Bolt Throwers - 90


Power: 4

Dispel 3

Numbers: 160

Uzkul Werit:

Can’t complain with that list much. Take on Warrior from the 25 strong unit and put it in the other one, to equal them out.

Dark Haven:

Thanks, for the help.

I was thinking of putting both my heroes into that one unit of warriors. Bad or good?


you could stick the sorc in the blunders with a champ rather than your main anvils i find it works well espcially in 17 blunders with champ.You will need a few points but with that many hobbos who will miss a few:hat