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For along time ive wanted to do a chaos dwarf army and now im finaly doing it! I started converting my dwarfs a few weeks ago and need a solid 1500 list for a friendly tournament. Opponents are lizardmen, VC, WE and HE. The models that are in progress are 15 warriors 15 blunders and a magmacannon (converting it from a dwarf cannon and old skaven warplightning cannon).

I dont rly know what hereos i should include, i can fit in a profet, but i dont know if it is worth it… i know ill get a castellan bsb and put him with the blunders but the caster part is totaly open. Any suggestions on the rest of the heroe and perhaps lord options, magic item input would be nice also. Oh i also got the old hobgoblin rider figure that i could use (need to get a wolf first some where…)

Golder Goldeater:

Wellcome to the dark side!

You can try this list! It is pretty good!

In fact It’s a real killer!

Lords 375p

Sorcerer-Prophet, Lvl 4, Talisman of Preservation, Enchanted Shield, Dispel Scroll

BSB 177p

Shield, Black Hammer of Hashut, Dragonhelm

18 Infernal Guard 253p

Musician, Standard Bearer, Deathmask (Naphta Bombs)

22 Hobgobling Cutthroats 125p

shields and bows, Musician

Magma Cannon 145p

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher 100p

K’daii Destroyer 325p



No K’daii for me. I think it feels boring in an overpoweed way… and havnt got any good modeling ideas for it. The reason i think the prophet isnt rly worth it is since i wont be taking a prophet and a lvl 2 in a 1500pts game and dont rly want to keep the 350pts lord sitting with the warmachines for the rerolls…