[Archive] 1500 points no magic, first try!


Having just started with chaos dwarfs, could you have a look at this and let me know if I’m on the right track?

The club where I intend playing CD at doesn’t allow magic (not even magic items).

Rykarth (minus his magic armour) 200

Chaos dwarf BSB, chaos armour, shield and great weapon 96

19 warriors, full command, shields 196

10 annihilators, full command 245

10 annihilators, full command 245

20 hobgoblins, full command 100

10 stikkas 50

10 stikkas 50

Death rocket 90

14 obsidian guard, great weapons, full command 240

2 spear chukkas 70

Earthshaker 110


Ideally I wouldn’t put command on the annihilators but I’m limited by my models.

Comments and criticism most welcome!


No magic!!! Thats horrible, especially if your high elves. Anyway, looks pretty good… i’d include more hobbo’s though…

Time of Madness:

Rykarth doesn’t make much sense to me at all.

You are paying 200pts for a character that makes your obsidian guard unbreakable. However that character doesn’t have an armour save!

You’d be much better off taking a regular chaos dwarf slavemaster to lead your army. He already comes with chaos armour, just give him a shield for some extra protection and a great weapon to make him flexible (just like your bsb). That change alone is going to save you a boat load of points.

I’d look at getting at least 25 hobgoblins (so pick up 5 more) at a minimum.

You have the annihilators priced wrong. They are actually only 145pts a unit. They are much more effective in units of 15 though for the extra S boost.

Hope this helps.

Time of Madness


Thanks for the advice. I’ve actually played high elves at this club and they don’t do too bad. Pheonix guard, chariots and dragon princes are still good units without magic.

Anyway, I’ll swap rykarth as suggested and add in more hobgoblins for fodder.

Time of Madness:

Did you end up coming up with a final list?

Time of Madness


Pretty similar to before:

Slavemaster, GW, shield 71

BSB slavemaster, GW, shield 96

19 warriors, FC, eruption gun 241

2x10 annihilators, FC 290

25 hobgoblins, FC 120

2x10 stikkas 100

36 rabble, taskmaster 82

Death rocket 90

14 obsidian guard, GW, FC 240

2xspear chukkas 70

Earthshaker 100

Total 1500

How does this look?