[Archive] 1500pts list! mye first one


hello… tomorrow I will play my first game with CD:cheers

I’m not shure about the list but think it’s look ok… it’s a 1500pts game.


1 hero w. AoG and GW…94pts

21 sorcerer w. LvL 2 and dispel scroll…250pts

15 blunderbuss’ w. musican…380pts

24 warriors w. FC…246pts

220 hobgoblins w. LA and shield…160pts

15 hobgoblins…60pts

4*1 hobgoblin boltthrower…120pts

1 Death rocket…80pts

1 Earthshaker…110pts

TOTAL: 1500 pts:D

so…what do you think about this list? please help me:cheers

Uzkul Werit:

The main probelm here is that the Hero has taken too many magic items. He may only take 50pts worth.


oh… my bad!��thanks for helping… now the obsidian blade have to go!

the list is now edit’ed :wink:


Looks pretty good to me, but then again I’m not that experienced.

Not sure how useful 16 Hobgobs are, you may want to drop one from each unit to get the 5 wide bonus (or you may want to have 5*3 with 1 extra, your choice)

Good for a first list.




now… I did some changes… I took away 2 hobgoblins and took a GW for my hero:idea


now... I did some changes... I took away 2 hobgoblins and took a GW for my hero:idea

Good thinking, why didn't I see that:~

Good luck with your games, tell us how they go as I may uses a list like this (1500pts seems to be the norm at my local GW)




hello! to day I played my first game with CD:cheers It was very funny!

I played against my friend with his Chaos nurgle list and did it very well:P Massacre!.. Next game was against another friend of me with his Chaos Khorne… In my first turn i got misfire and then rolled 1 on the dice…the earthshaker were out of the game:mad laither my blunderbuss took his quite big herd and made them flee and the other unit with blunderbuss took his shaggot… Then he took my unit of usual CD and after that we had to leave…so the match was not finished ( bad, beacouse it was an very cool game:P )…

The list over, is working for me and I’m gonna use it untill I get 2k…

Now I’m gonna try to convert me 2 earthshakers…:wink: