[Archive] 15mm SF Wargaming


With my lifelong fascination with all things Traveller in full swing, I’ve recently begun collecting semi-large amounts of 15mm SF models to use in wargames. Its a refreshing change in scale and effort (I can do a mini in under 30 mins rather than 4 hours!)

So, I’m looking for suggestions on rulesets. I’m hoping there is one out there which will meet my idea of what a good SF mini game should be and here’s my problem. The first 3 systems I looked at - Snapshot, Azhanti High Lightning and Striker are all Traveller derivatives - but each of them have a distinct issue which is keeping me from using them. Snapshot is a fine ruleset, but only covers close quarters combat -no outdoors, no vehicles, no scalability. AHL covers a lot more ground, but is counter driven and has stacking rules - also, no vehicles, no outdoors, etc. Striker has a lot more features, is scalable to huge armies, covers vehicles and their design, many tech levels of equipment, airstrikes, etc, BUT is abstract: there is no individual fire as there is in WH40k and to me really forgets the whole point of scale wargaming.

What I’m looking for:

1:1 model/soldier representation.

Vehicle Rules (tracks, grav, airplanes, robots, you name it)

Individual models all the way up to large amounts of troops

Traveller homebrew stats/conversions a plus.

I’ve been taking a gander at Stargrunt and Dirtside, but before I commit to it, or do some redesigns on Striker, I was hoping to see what other people use or have tried. With the peeps around here familiar with Full Thrust, I figured you might have experience with the ground pounders as well.


If you have heard of laserburn they are a good range of minatures and rules for 15mm sci-fi.Beamsrike is a downloadable ruleset based on laserburn which may be of use http://www.neilandannettec.myby.co.uk/beamstrike.htm

Traveller hmm those were the days :hat off


Thanks for the links and info. I seem to remember Laserburn being mentioned in a REALLY old White Dwarf I was reading back in 83 - IIRC, one of the scenarios had stats for Laserburn, Space Opera and Traveller. I will definitely look into this. Beamstrike seems to cover a lot of ground as well.

Thanks again, Canix!