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well not much I can change since this is more or less all I have converted. But thoughts on any tactics I can try or things I shold consider changing?

CD hero + greatweapon + armor of gaz = 94

1 lvl 2 sorc = 100

1 lvl 2 sorc = 100

16 BB Warriors + champ + banner = 212

19 warriors + champ + banner = 191

19 hobgoblins + larm/shield + banner (or musician depending if going put my 2nd sorc here or not) = 90

2 bolt throwers = 60

6 bull centaurs + harm + champ + banner = 156


The hero would join the normal warriors. 1 sorc with the blunderbusses and the 2nd will either also join the blunderbusses; or the hobos. I know having the sorc with the goblins would slow them down and the sorc would suffer from anomosity (does that also stop him casting or just force movement?) but I think 2 sorc in 1 group would be too much a magnet for firepower, also spreading them out will give me Ld 9/10 units across the board.

Figure the bull centaurs depending on army would protect the bolt throwers for a bit than join the infantry troops. with 2 bolt throwers, 2 lvl sorc and 6 centaurs should be able to deal with high armor scare things and my BB and infantry can deal with oher infantry.


Hi there - Given that you cant change the models you have around very much - I would suggest the following

1: Magic - even in 2k 2 level 2’s arent going to be game winners and magic can be fickle - plus you have no dispel scrolls - I would dump 1, and give the other one 2 dispel scrolls - that will leave you 4 power dice to cast 2 spells - go with a lore with low casting values and you have a fair change of getting one of a turn at 1k points.

2: Heroes - Drop the armour of gaz on the hero and just go heavy armour / great weapon / shield - that will give him enough defence and saves a few points. Also upgrade a bull centaur to a bull centaur hero with heavy armour, Great weapon shield.

Put the hero and the sorcerer in with the warrior unit - that way you don’t need a champion as the hero can protect the sorcerer (10 points saved). The bull centaur hero can go in the unit of bull centaurs but stick him on 1 end . That way if needs be they can both charge separate units - or combined they are a lot more hitty - if you have the points another great combo for him is heavy armour, shield, extra hand weapon and gauntlets for 5 strength 5 attacks.

As for tactics - use the blunderbuss unit aggresivley and guard their flanks with the hobgoblins and the warriors in a diagonal line like this, the bolt throwers in the middle and the bull centaurs on the other flank, If something nasty comes at the hobgoblins then just flee - if they are positioned correctly hard up to a table edge this means you should get at least 2 rounds of shooting at the target with the blunderbusses which should really run any units day.



Warriorrs BT BT Bull Centaurs

Use the bull centaurs to break the enemys other flank with support from the bolt throwers and ignore the middle of his army until you own the flanks - then you can all swivel in and hit him from the front with the warriors, the sides with the blunderbuss / hobgoblins and the rear with the bull centaurs.

Hope that helps


personally don’t see that much a point in the bullcentaur hero. In larger games was planning to go with a decked out hobo hero on wolf.

while the 2 lvl 2 sorc aren’t going be game winning thats alot of magic power in a 1k list and will provide alot of magic defense against other magic heavy lists. Figure could take my chances with the dispel dice.

I still fear putting 2 characters in 1 unit. Would make that unit a huge target. Though should have some experience playing my list soon as my GS warriors and characters are done. just need hobos now.