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Was looking at scaling down the 2K list that I’m working toward building (so I can get some games in before they’re all put together) and came up with the following:

Heroes (240)

100 - Daemonsmith - Death: Charmed Shield

140 - Daemonsmith - Death: Level 2 Enchanted Shield, Luckstone

Core (514)

290 - 24 Infernal Guard: HW&Shield, Full Command

224 - 12 Infernal Guard: Fireglaive, Shield, Standard, Musician

Special (200)

100 - Deathshrieker

100 - Deathshrieker

Lvl 1 hangs out with the warmachines, Lvl 2 with the HW&S unit (just realized it might not be a bad idea to toss him in the fireglaive unit though, as they should see less combat, and can stand and shoot against any wizard-hunters). Hoping for Soulblight (yay T debuff and Deathshriekers!) or Doom and Darkness (Ld debuff and repeated Panic checks). All the snipe spells should also be decent at taking out characters, monsters, or annoying things like Eagles. I often don’t bother with wizards at 1K, but in this case it seems worth it (and people often skimp on magic defense at this point level).

Anyway, I’ve got 46 points left to spend. Thoughts are to either add the Razor Standard to the HW&S unit (though with such a small unit, not Hording, probably not worth it), or 3 more bodies, a Gleaming Pennant, and another 5 point item. Obvious option would be to upgrade one of the Shriekers to a Magma Cannon, but I won’t have one of those in my 2K, and I’m on a time crunch to build for a tournament, so I won’t be making/taking one of those.

Thoughts appreciated!


I would rather have a castellan in your HW&S unit to make them stubborn rather than a level 2 as you cant rely on always getting the spell you need. Gleaming pennant is probably not required either with Ld9 Army, especially is you have a bsb.

I think this army would be fine against an average T3 horde but anything tougher and you just wont be putting out enough damage. You’ll have a couple of shots with the deathshriekers then be locked in a grinding combat until you die.

If these are the only models you have then you don’t have much choice really, but if you can I’d try and get something hard hitting in there like Bulls or K’daii.

Here’s a link to some of my 1000 point lists:



i would go with fire at 1k, the spells are better, long range and with only be a lvl 2 tops, easier to cast