[Archive] 1k Night Goblins Vs 1k Combat Dwarfs - 1st game since 7th Ed's release

Auretious Taak:


So I met up with my regular opponent for WHFB,a nd we’ve not played since a few weeks into 7th Ed having been released, so it’s been a while to say the least. We’ve a running rivalry - I’ve more thena  dozen battles undefeated against his Dwarfs with Pure Night Gobloins (I’ma purist no common goblins, that includes their warmachines like bolt throwers or chariots that so many so called purist night goblins include but we all know is a load of crock). Darian has slowly refined his army down to a Combat Dwarf Army - that is, NO SHOOTING. Why? Because he can wield the force easily, it speeds games up surprisingly well, and he has performed a heck of alot better with pure combat forces then with shooting even maxing the shooting I’ve still managed to beat him convincingly. Pure Combat is scary and somethinG ic an respect, surprisingly fast as well, and damned resilient. Also Hammerers are EVIL I swears it!

Anyways 2 unist 30 night Goblins with 1 fanatic, 1 musician, shortbows, 1 deployed in 2 ranks of 15, 1 in 3 ranks of 10; 7 squig hoppers, 2 squig herds, 1 Giant, 1 lvl 2 Night Goblin Shaman with Ugluks Horn and a magic Mushroom, 1 lvl 2 Night Goblin Shaman with 2 Magic Mushrooms and that ring that casts Edbutt as a bound spell, and a Night Goblin Big Boss on Giant Squig with shield, light armour, Wallopa’s One Hit Wunda and the Brimstone Bauble and The Collar of Zorga. Quite a fun force, no Battle standard, No standards so the enemy gets bugger all bonus victory points except for killing the general…Oh and My General Blows up when you kill him which is always cool and a most awesome way to get revenge. :slight_smile:

The dwarf’s were packing 20 hammerers, 20 Longbeards, and 20 Warriors. A BSB runed up, a Hero Runed up and with Oathstone and no Runesmiths (4 base dispel dice is fairly solid at 1k pts, though I usually take the 2 shamans cause I can afford them, having the 2 bound spell items were gravy and helped me get spells off).

We decided we’d play on a blank table witha hill inm the middle. It blocked line of sight till you got on top in effect. The Hill was worth 300 VP’s our forces being advanced parties of respective war-armies scoping the battlefield for the best positions. The Hill wopuld be great for showering the enemy with heavy firepower/spell power froma far. If the Dwarfs got it they’d have the most commanding view for their cannons and bolt throwers, the Gobbo’s got it, well Magic is cool and they’d get to laugh at the stunties for not having the hill.

So the battle was interesting, though this report is short as it’s off my memory.

Basically 3 dwarf units in block line up with hill. Bad deployment on my end, 30 archers in 2 ranks in the middle, 30 in 3 ranks of 10 at an angle to the side so they could march on the hill, realised after I deployed them they needed to be straight and could wheel after they advanced a bit but no matter. Giant, squigs and general on a flank, shaman’s near the archers.

Dwarfs advance on hill moving that extra 6 inches before the first turn thanks to Strollers Rune (best name ever!) and get the first turn so are 12 inches closer then they were after deployment (Dwarfs can be damned fast! that’s 2 more turns and we’re in combat if I stand still!). I move forwards with most things though the archers able to see the Dwarfs now on the hill pepper the Warriors with the General and despite more then 15 hits and above average wounds, kill nothing. Magic comes along after rest of army advances and I can’t remember what happened except that Ugluks Horn worked a charm -1 enemy leadership +1 Goblin leadership and suddenly my army were as stalwart as a Common Goblin! It was unheard of on boths dies of teh table, I actually had a leadership 7 general and the dwarfs were leadership 8! It was truely awesome and I got the bound spell off every turn till the end of the game.

Got distracted so summary points:

Dwarf Warriors with General march into my squigs and wipe them out completely but are left with their flank exposed (meanwhile the giant has moved up onto the hill and charges the Longbeards yelling and bawling for 3 turns straight, then picking the champion up and throwing him back into the unit, before jumping up and down twice, breaking the remnants and chasing them down before capturing teh hill). The Warriors are charged by the squig riders and squig herd and the general is just out of range to join in, the Dwarfs lose enough guys to not fight back and the squig herd at full strength of 5 was enough to cancel the rank bonus by the flank charge (the hoppers are skirmishes so wouldn’t have scored this). This was decidive, along with the fact the Dwarfs did not plant the Oath stone here. I broke them and ran them down. The rest of the force moved in the archers taking out more then half of the Hammerers at range supported by brain bursta’s foot of gork and another ranged spell. My NG Big Boss was charged by the Dwarf BSB on the last turn and though he was slain before he got to strength 10 rape that dwarf (No one expects the One Hit Wunda!) and thus he blew up causing D6 strength 6 hits to the Giant Squig wounding it 5 times to kill him and 3 wounds to the BSB via the same effect. My general died but I killed the BSB (didn’t capture the banner meh). The end of the game saw me with half my remaining units on the hill and the hammerers at the base not on it with 4 Hammerers left. I lost a grand total of 2 squig herds and my general. He lost everything barring 4 hammerers. Bonus VP’s to him were 100 for my general. To me, it was 100 for the General, 200 for Captured standards and 300 for the Hill.

My Night Goblins were Victorious witha 1400 VP difference at 1,000pts game.

The best part is I’m still undefeated against him with pure Night Goblins (Though he has beaten me when I took Chaos dwarfs against him but that was ages ago in 6th and he cannoned my Bull centaur General after I stupidly left the unit!).

Cheers all,

Auretious Taak.

P.S. I’m actually undefeated with Pure Night Goblins. No one has ever beaten me when I take a pure Night Goblin Force. The closest it ever came was a fight to the Death against the opponent above and it was my 2 remaining Night Goblin Spearmen verse a 1 wound remaining Dwarf Lord. I won with 2 Night Goblins left. Additioanlly after bragging at my local store, the manager and my good friend Drew turned around and designed a dwarf Army purely to kill mys tandard I’ll take anything Night Goblins. It was a draw only because we were having so much fun with me beating him that we made the last turn get the One Hit Wunda into combat to wack the opposing general. Needless to say the whole I’ll headbutt him first at range didn’t agree with teh formal agreement of I won’t touch you if you don’t touch me with these units, and 5 throwing axes and a magical thrown axe later I was dead and half the army legged it off the board, but it was good and a Draw and NOT a defeat! :smiley: Surprising for a very competent tournament player (him, not I, I’ve yet to enter a Tourney). :slight_smile: