[Archive] 1st Attempt at a Chaos Dwarf


I took a miner from the BFSP set. I cut the pick off and replaced it with one from a Gor/Ungor box. I removed the candle on the helmet and gave him some spiky bits from the Dark Eldar Warrior Sprue.

I used green stuff to try and make scale mail. It was my first attempt and I used my hobby knife cause I dont have any tools.

Anyway the skin is Khemri Brown. The gloves are Adeptus Battlegrey, the red is Red Gore. I used Tin Bitz on the metal parts. gunmetal grey for the weapon and the spikys. Calthan brown was used on the bag and lastly astronomicon grey for the base.

Sadly I dont own a digital camera, but i took some pictures with a disposable one… ill have them up by tomorrow but just imagine with your minds eye :cheers

recent convert :hat


I’ll need pics to see exactly what you mean mate, we’ll wait and see. Two earthshakers in 2,000pts is the better tactic but good luck finding someone to play! Not really the place for that discussion though


Pictures are worth a thousand words and from what you say it’s deffo worth postin pics of your CDs.

Also, welcome to the forum.