[Archive] 2,000 point list


First, to start off, I have spent a while thinking of what to do for a list. I used to be obsessed with black orcs, and had to take them in my army. I finally made a list that i think is good, and didnt include black orcs, but very cheap.

Chaos dwarf sorceror Lord- 215 points

Lvl 4 Wizard

3 dwarf sorcerors- 300 points

lvl 2


5 units of 15 blunder busses, no command- 900 points

60 hob goblins, distributed as needed (naked of course)- 120 points


8 hobgoblin bolt throwers- 240 points


2 Earth Shakers- 220 points

total- 1995 points

There are some obvious flaws, like a lack of combat, and no magiv items. The upside is, is that i plan to blow the enemies to bits with artillery and blunderbusses before they can make it to my blunderbusses, and distract them with hobgoblins. If you can find any flaws with my list that i didnt mention, it would be appretiated if you would tell me. Also, just post to tell me what you think of the list.


how are u making the hobogobos in to ranks? (6x10) (6x5+6x5) or (5x4+5x4+5x4)

If you fight any swarm army u will plow through them no problem. Imagine a group of 54 goblins all in range, u’d own.

IMO have one group of blunderblusses turned in a anvil unit with a banner of slavery plop them right in the middle of the goblin units and use them center or anchor ur gunline.

5blunderbluss units are cool but if u get charged by anything they will not really do anything combat beside flanking and such, in the end its 5ws4 attacks at s3. WTB dwarfs with Blunderblusses AND GW’s


With the 8 bt and 2 earthshakers, would that not be similar to my army? Though I think it would be really fun for you Karak ( I love gun lines myself) I had it plainly said to me in my army list that if you play with your friends with armies like this then they wont be friends for long. This army may not be the msot fun thing to play against.

THOUGH… if it was a CD v Dwarf gun line … (that would be amazing)

But good work on the army. I would put in some bull centaurs, just for fun. Maybe even a death rocket :slight_smile:


Do you play against people who build rock hard lists? As in cheesed out Skaven or Bretonnian armies, that kind of thing? If so, then they deserve what you’re going to be chucking at them

If not your opponent will have a hard time beating that list.

The problem with 2 Earthshakers is that you can stop your opponent getting to combat at all, which won’t be much fun for the other guy.

You may want to read the thread about Mosk’s army, as it is quite similar to what you have. Mosk made a lot of very reasonable changes to his army, so it could be worth a read.


well, the gobbos are gunna be in units of 10, sinc ethey are jus tthere to slow em down

also, I play with 1 guy mostly, and he is fairly competative. I also lose all the time agaisnt him, so I am trying to beat him finally. I also play at my local GW, and I have been lookiung forward to playing a few guys I know there.